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Try annunciating "square root" clearly.

2009-12-18 20:07:40
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Q: How do you figure out how to enter a square root in a calculator in words?
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What geometric figure has 5 faces 1 square 4 triangles 5 vertices 8 edges and is two words?

Square pyramid.

What word can you use before singular count nouns such as calculator?

Some words that can be used before singular count nouns are:articles: the calculator; a calculatoradjectives: a new calculator, a broken calculatoranother noun: an aluminum calculator; John's calculatorpronoun, possessive adjective: my calculator, your calculator

What is a similar word to rectangle?

Some words and synonyms similar to rectangle:FigureOblongParallelogramPlaneShapeSquare

How do you find the square root of a number?

to find the square root of a number you can use the guess and check method which is kind of complicated to explain with just words but i will answer soon and try searching for "How to do the Guess and Check Method" on or by Microsoft or To find the square root of a number with a calculator you hit the weird division thingy... after the number/ before the number depending on type of calculator.

How many words can you make out of enter?

The words ten, rent, and teen can be made from the word enter. I can make 3 new words from the word enter.

What is 3 square root of 512?

Calculate the square root of 512 on any calculator, then multiply the result by 3.Note: If you actually mean the third root, this is NOT called the square root. You can calculate this in Excel with the formula: =512^(1/3) In other words, raise 512 to the power 1/3.

How many pages are 39546 words?

There are about 250 words per page, so divide it out with your calculator.

You can sometimes figure out the meaning of a phrasal compound by looking at the words' context What is context?

The words that come before and after the words you're trying to figure out

Word or phrase you enter into a search engine?

You can enter many words or phrases. It is most helpful to enter between 2 and 5 words that do not include and, it, how, or other generic words. The results will most likely be about the string of words you type.

Math words that start with C?

Calculate, Compute, Calculus, Calculator.

What are some words that start with the prefix enter?

Some words that start with the prefix enter: enteralgia, enterogastrone, enterohepatitis, and enteropathogenic.

Is calculator feminine or masculine in french?

Calculator is feminine in French. The French word for calculator, calculatrice, ends in an e. Most words that end in e in French are feminine. Not always, but most of the time, you can rely on that rule.

What shape has 8 straight lines?

An octagon has 8 sides. You can also say "8-sided polygon".An octagon is a simple figure : it divides the plane on which it is drawn into just two regions. These regions are normally referred to as 'inside' and 'outside'.It is possible to draw a figure using 8 straight lines which divides the plane into more than two regions.Draw a pentagon. On one side of this construct a square. This figure has two insides and an outside.Draw a square. Place a point outside the square and above it. Join this point to the two nearest corners of the square. Place another point below the square. Join this point to the two nearest corners of the square. This figure has three insides and an outside.Draw a square. Draw its diagonals. From a point outside the square draw lines to the two nearest corners. This figure has five insides and an outside.There are many more possibilities, which are easy to draw but increasingly difficult to describe in words. Almost all the non-simple figures do not have a name.

What words can be written on a calculator?

hello. put in 01134 and turn it upside down

What geometry words start with f?


What words can be made out of these letters noticeable?

Figure it out

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What is a car value calculator?

In selling and buying a car you would use a car value calculator for the best to buy or list it at. Car value calculators are all over the internet just type in the key words 'Car Value Calculator'.

Examples of figure speech?

A figure of speech transcends its literal interpretation. "I have butterflies in my stomach," is a figure of speech. Also,"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Is figure skating one or two words?


Which of these words best describes adjacent walls in a square room?


What is the Square root of 5 times the square root of 3?

the square root of 5 = 2.2360679 The Square root of 3 = 1.7320508 Answer is 3.8729825 0 Because 5 divided by 5 is 0 youcan't divid 5 and the same thing with 3 first of all, you can't is two words and divide has an e am most likely he is looking for the square root answer, as of most teachers want, anyone can use a calculator to plug and chug the answer is sqrt15 you multiply 5*3

How do you enter cheats for petzdog 2?

you pressctrl+shift+c all at the same time and then you enter the words.

What are all the words you can type on a calculator and how can you do them?

69 and 222 and 51 multiple by 8 and it makes boobless

How many words are in a calculator?

there are approximatly 9 numbers, and one word that says THIS IS A DUMB QUESTION