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You would find out how the fraction first. Then you would divide the numerator by the denominator. The answer of that multiplied by 100=percentage out of 100.






3/50 multiplied by 100


3 multiplied by 2




The answer is 6%.

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Q: How do you figure out the percent of a mixture?
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What is mole percent?

Mole percent, or molar percent of a substance is the ratio of the moles of a substance in a mixture to the moles of the mixture. It represents the number of moles of a substance in a mixture as a percentage of the the total number of moles in the mixture. Mole % = (mol substance in a mixture) / (mol mixture) * 100

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What is the percent component of a mixture formula?

note: NOT percent composition.

How do you figure 245 percent of 980?

245 is what percent of 980?

A mixture contains ninety-two ounces of glycol and water and is forty-five percent glycol. If the mixture is to be weakened to thirty percent how much water must be added?

The original mixture contains 41.4 ounces of glycol. for this to be 30 percent of the mixture, the total mixture must be 138 ounces, so 46 ounces of water must be added.

Can you find the percent composition of a mixture?

Yes, you can.

How do you calculate 15 percent increase on a figure?

Multiply the figure by 1.15

How do you figure out what is 59.99-15 percent?

59.99-15 percent = 44.99

A mixture of KCl and KNO3 is 44.20 percent potassium by mass the percentage of kcl in the mixture is?


How do you get the percent of something?

I do I get the percent of something? Example I have 650 students and 156 are hispanic, how do I figure out the percent?