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How do you find a number of a fraction?

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The question makes no sense: any fraction IS a number. So there is nothing to find!

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Q: How do you find a number of a fraction?
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How do you find a greater fraction?

Add a positive number - fraction or integer - to the given fraction.

How do you find a fraction of a prime number?

Divide the prime number.

How do you you find an equivalent fraction?

To find an equivalent fraction, you need to make the denomiator the same number. and whatever you multiplied the bottom by you do it to the top number too.

How can you simplify fraction?

To simplify a fraction, you find a number that can be divided by the fraction you are simplifying. sometimes this does not always work and the fraction can not be simplified.

How to find a fraction notation with a whole number?

Any whole number can be expressed as a fraction by putting it over 1.

How do you find number of equivalents?

There are an infinite number of equivalents for any fraction.

How do you find an equivalent fraction for a fraction by using the least common denominator?

you find the highest number that goes into both the numerator and the denominatior and divide both by that number.

How find the absolute value of a fraction?

you have to find out how far the number is from zero

How do you find a fraction equivalent to a given fraction?

You can multiply is numerator and denominator by the same number

How can you find a fraction and a decimal on a number line?

Everywhere. Each and every point on a number line is a fraction and also a decimal.

How do you find fraction of whole number?

Any whole number n, can be expressed in the form of a rational fraction, as n/1.

How do you find the LCD for a fraction?

Least Common Denominator - pay attention to the lower number in the fraction, if the number on the top of the fraction can divide the lower number (evenly) than you have not reached the LCD.

How do you find the percentage of a number with a fraction?

Get the denominator to be 100.

How do you find the quotient of a fraction and a whole number?


Explain what of means when you find a fraction of another number?

It means that you find out the size of part of the number but not all of it.

How do you find an irrational number?

Any number that can't be expressed as a fraction is irrational

When you divide whole number by a fraction with a numerator of 1 how do you find the quotient?

Invert the fraction and multiply.

How do you find an improper fraction of a mixed number?

If the mixed number is x y/z then the improper fraction is (xz + y)/z

How do you determine what the denominator of a fraction is?

-- First, find the line in the middle of the fraction. -- Then look under the line. The number you find down there is the denominator.

How do you determine a fraction of a number?

You multiply the number by the required fraction. For example, to find 3/4 of 76calculate 76*(3/4) = 57

Is it possible to find a fraction that is smaller than any other fraction?

no, because there is an infinite number of possibilities

What is the fraction of 720 degrees?

The answer depends on the number whose fraction you are trying to find.

When is it easiest to find the percent of a number using a fraction?

When the denominator of the fraction is a simple multiple of 2s and 5s.

What is evaluate fractions?

Find the value of the fraction.Find the value of the fraction.Find the value of the fraction.Find the value of the fraction.

How do you find a fraction to a decimal?

Divide the numerator (the top number) by the denominator (the bottom number) and you will get a decimal number.