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Q: How do you find an angle in a not right angled triangle?
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How do you find the hypotenuse of a non right triangle?

By definition, the hypotenuse is the side opposite the right angle in a right angled triangle. Therefore, a hypotenuse does not exist as one of the three sides in a non-right angled triangle.

How would you find out the sin tan and cos of right angle triangle?

sin, tan and cos can be defined as functions of an angle. But they are not functions of a triangle - whether it is a right angled triangle or not.

If angle A equals 32 and angle B equals 58 What type of triangle is it?

all the angles in a triangle have to add up to 180. to find the missing angle : 180 - 32 - 58 = 90 90 is a right angle and since there is a right angle in the triangle, it is a right angled triange

How do you find the perimeter of a right angled triangle using the area?

how to find the perimeter of a right angled triangle using the area

Who uses cotangent?

The cotangent is used when you want to find an unknown angle in a right angled triangle when two sides (not the hypotenuse) and the included right angle are known.

How do you find the length of a side of a triangle which is not a right angled triangle given two lengths and an angle?

Depending on which sides and angle are known you would use one of the trigonometry functions.

Is a right angled triangle 3D?

A right triangle is a triangle that includes a 90° angle.Right triangles are significant because you can apply trigonometric functions and the Pythagorean theorem to them to find unknown side lengths or angles.sinA = cosB = a/ccosA = sinB = b/ctanA = a/ba2 + b2 = c2

How do you use gradients to find out if the triangle is right angled?

Not the best way of finding out if a triangle is right angled. But if you can find two if the sides which have gradients which when multiplied together gives -1, then the angle between them is a right-angle. This comes from the fact that if the slope of a line is a/b, then the slope of a perpendicular line is -b/a and the product of (a/b)(-b/a)=-1.

How do you find an angle within a non-right angled triangle when only given one side length?

You cannot find any angle, or either of the other two sides, in a non-right triangle, when given only one side.

What is the formula for a right angle triangle?

longest side of the sum of the other tworight angled triangle = small sidesSQUARED SQUAREDto find sidessimplifyc square =a square + b square

How do you find out if a triangle is a right triangle?

if the triangle has one right angle in it

How do you find the angle of a an right triangle?

The 90 degree angle in a right angle triangle is opposite its hypotenuse.