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More information is needed. One of the sides or the diagonal length has to be known, unless you have a square, in which case you divide the perimeter by 4.

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Q: How do you find length and width using only the perimeter?
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How do you find width when you have perimeter and length?

width = (perimeter-2*length)/2

How do you find the length of a rectangle if the perimeter is 40 and the width is 2inches?

perimeter = 2 x (length + width) ⇒ length + width = perimeter ÷ 2 ⇒ length = (perimeter ÷ 2) - width So to find the length of the given rectangle, subtract the width from half the perimeter is how to do it. IF you meant "What is the length..." then: length = perimeter ÷ 2 - width = 40 ÷ 2 - 2 in = 20 - 2 in = 18 in

How do you find the area of a rectangle using perimeter and width?

Perimeter minus two times the width will give you the two times the length. Area is found by multiplying the length by the width.

What is one different way to to find the perimeter of a rectangle?

Length + length + width + width = perimeter. Length + width x 2 = perimeter

How do you find the width of a rectangle if you know the perimeter and the length?

Perimeter = 2 * width + 2 * length, so rearranging --> width = (Perimeter / 2) - length

How do you find the area of a yard using the perimeter in square feet?

You can't only using the perimeter. You have to know length and width.

What measurements do you need to find the area and perimeter of a rectangle how would you use these measurements to find the area and perimeter of a rectangle?

you need length and width length multiply width = area length + length + width + width = perimeter

How do you find the perimeter of yards?

The perimeter is the total distance around - width + width+ length + length.

How do find the width?

Perimeter = Width x 2 + length x 2. To find width, you minus the length from perimeter because opposite of ADD is SUBTRACT.

What is the formula to find the length of a rectangle when the perimeter and width is already given?

Length = (Perimeter - twice width) / 2

How do you find the length and width if you know the perimeter?

Length + width = half of perimeter, so you need more information...

How do you find the length of a rectangle knowing the perimeter and the width?

You divide the perimeter by the width and you get the lenght