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how you find multiples? well you find them by times it or divide it lollz :)

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Q: How do you find multiples?
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Related questions

Why do you multiply 52?

To find its multiples!To find its multiples!To find its multiples!To find its multiples!

How do you find common multiples?

Common multiples are multiples that go into the number you are trying to find the common multiple of.Multiply the numbers together.

What strategies can you use to find multiples?

Multiply a number by successive counting numbers to find its multiples.

How do you find the LCM of 40?

By comparing its multiples to another set of multiples.

How do you find the LCM of 60?

By comparing its multiples to the multiples of another number.

Find the LCM of the numbers by listing multiples?

find the LCM of each pair by listing multiples 5,6,7

How can you find the first three common multiples of the numbers by listing multiples?


What are the common multiples of 140?

You have to have two different numbers to find common multiples

How do you find the first 50 even multiples of 3?

The first 50 multiples of 6 are the first fifty even multiples of 3.

How do you find the lowest common multiple of 60?

By comparing its multiples to the multiples of another number.

The 3 consecutive multiples of 9 is 351. find the multiples?

108, 117, 126

How do you find the most common multiple?

There is no "most common multiple". To find all common multiples, you start by finding the least common multiple. All other common multiples are multiples of this least common multiple.

What are the least common multiples of 147?

You can not find the least common multiple of just one number. You can find the multiples of 147 but have nothing to compare it to to find the "least" first 6 multiples of 147 - 147, 294, 441, 588, 735, 882

What are the multiples of 26 and add up to 85?


Why are multiples of numbers important?

Multiples of a number is important to find the least common multiple (LCM) between numbers.

What are the common multiples of 8?

You can't find the Common Multiple of only one number. You need at least two numbers to find the common multiples.

Find a number which has all the multiples of 6 among its multiples?

There is no such number because everything is a multiple of 1

How do you know that the numbers you find are common multiples?

If both of your numbers divide into them evenly with no remainder, they are common multiples.

How can you find the LCM of 10 and 12?

By making a table of their multiples and finding the first instance where the multiples match.

Find out the number of multiples of 7 less than 100?

There are fourteen multiples of seven that are under 100.

How do you find the common multiples of 2 and 4?

Since 4 is a multiple of 2, all the multiples of 4 will be common.

Instruction how to get multiples of number 1 to 20?

To find the multiples of any number, multiply it by successive counting numbers.

How do you find common multiples of a set?

Common multiples of any set of numbers can be found by multiplying the numbers together.

Where are LCM from?

All numbers have multiples. Some numbers have some of the same multiples as other numbers. These are known as common multiples. On the list of common multiples, one number is the smallest. This is the least common multiple.

How do you get multiples?

Multiples are the answers of a multiplication question. for ex. if there were a question : find the multiples of 5 it would be 5 10 15 20 25 30 and so on Also you might come across a question that asks to find the common multiples between 5 and 10 so what you do is write the multiples of 5 & 10... 5 10 15 20 15 30 10 20 30 40 and find that matching multiples. HOPE THIS WILL HELP ! (:

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