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1.6*s+mean and1.6*s and count numbers between them

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Q: How do you find number of observations in a given statistical grouped data within 1.6 standard deviation?
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How do you identify group data or ungroup data in standard deviation?

You cannot. If you are told the standard deviation of a variable there is no way to tell whether that was derived from grouped or ungrouped data.

How do you get the Quartile Deviation in a grouped data?


What is a coded-deviation method in statistics?

Differing from standard deviations, the coded deviation method finds the mean of grouped data from the assumed mean using unit deviations. This is a shorter way to find the mean.

Calculating quartile deviation for grouped and ungrouped data?


What does it means if the standard deviation is small?

Simplest terms, it means that the sample values are grouped closely together. Another way of saying it is that the range of values is small. The plot will be a leptokurtic plot (peaked).

What is grouped frequency distribution?

If the observations are grouped together into classes, then the number of observations for each class gives the grouped frequency distribution (FD). This kind of FD is particularly important when the data are continuous so that you are likely to have very small frequencies for a very large number of values.

What is an aggregate dataset?

Aggregate data is data combined from multiple measurements. When this happens, the grouped observations are summarized based on those observations.

What is A grouping of data into classes giving the number of observations in each class is called a(an)?

It is a grouped frequency table.

Can you do the mean deviation for a grouped data?

Yes, but it rather pointless. The mean deviation for any data set will, by definition, be 0. Grouping may make it slightly different from 0 but this statistic has little, if any, useful properties.

What is categorical data?

Categorical data is the statistical data type consisting of categorical variables or of data that has been converted into that form, for example as grouped data.

What does GroupData mean?

Rather than have frequencies of observations allocated to each observed value, grouped data allocates them to a range (or group) of values.

What is a modal class interval when it comes to statistics?

When observations are grouped into class intervals, the interval that contains the most frequently occurring value is known as the modal class.