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Any number can be divided by one and itself, and any other number will result in a fraction.

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Q: How do you find out if a number is divisible by 7?
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Is 160 divisible by 9?

No it is not. To find out:Add the digits in the number (ex.- 1+6+0=7)If 7 is divisible by 9 (it is not) then the whole original number is divisible by nine.Hope i helped!;)

What number is not divisible 7?

23 is not divisible by 7.

What are the criteria to find out prime numbers?

If the number is only divisible by 1 and itself, then that number is called prime number.E.g. 7 is only divisible by 1 and itself, i.e. 7. Hence, 7 is a prime number.

How many four digit numbers which are divisible by 7?

Best way to work this out: find the highest number below 10,000 that is divisible by 7 (9,996) and divide that by 7 (1,428). 1,428 is the amount of one-, two-, three- and four-digit numbers divisible by 7. Now find the number of one-, two- and three-digit numbers divisible by 7 (which is 994/7 = 142) and subtract this number from 1,428, giving us 1,286.

If a natural number is divisible by 7 then it is divisible by 14?

No, 7 is a natural number divisible by 7 and not 14 for example. In fact every odd multiple of 7 (i.e. 7 times 1,3,5,7,...) is divisible by 7 and not 14.

Example of divisibility rule for 21?

a number is divisible by 12 if the number is also divisible by both 3 and 7. You mean a number is divisible by 21 if it is divisible by 3 and 7.

Are all the odd number divisible by 7?

Every number is divisible by any non-zero number. No, there are an infinite number of odd integers which are not evenly divisible by 7..

What prime number is divisible by 7?

The number 7.

What numbers are divisible by 34?

factors of 34 are: 1,2, 17 and 34. there are an infinite amount of numbers divisible by 34. they way you can find a number divisible by 34 is by multiplying 34 by any number. the answer you get is divisible by 34. example: 7*34=238 238/34=7 (238 is divisible by 34)

Find total number of integers between 100 and 200 that are divisible by 3 and not divisible by 5 nor by 7?

There are 22 such numbers.

Find the smallest number that is divisible by 7 and is exactly one more than a number that is divisible by the numbers 1-6?

Ans: The number factorial 6 (which is 720) is divisible by 1 through 6; then, 720 + 1 = 721 is your number.

What is the largest two odd digit number divisible by 7?

98 is the largest two digit number divisible by 7.