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It is not possible.

The math is such that a long skinny site has a long circumference and little area and a short wide one has a short circumference and a lot of area. The circumference is not enough information.

If you give the length of each straight side and specify at least two of the corner angles than it is possible to calculate the area.

Give each corner a letter - A, B, C, D etc.

Submit something like this:

Side A-B 60 feet

Angle B 90 degrees

Side B-C 30 feet

Angle C 90 degrees

Side C-D 50 feet

Side D-A 28 feet

Alternatively, if you don't know the angles, give one of the diagonal measurements.

Side A-B 60 metres

Side B-C 30 metres

Side C-D 50 metres

Side D-A 28 metres

Diagonal A-C 52 metres

* obviously the US and UK use feet and the rest of the world uses metres. Use whatever units you are comfortable with.

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Q: How do you find out the acreage of a piece of land by knowing the footage of the circumference?
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