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The longest chord in a circle is its diameter and halve of this is its radius.

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Q: How do you find radius of a circle if cord length is given?
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If given the length of arc and the radius how do you figure the straight line cord?

The radius is a cord, is it not?

How do you calculate the length of a cord of a circle?

-- Take the information you're given, such as, for example, the circle's radius or diameter, and the distance from the center of the circle to the chord's midpoint. -- Jot down a few things you know about circles and right triangles, such as the relationship between the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle, and the Pythagorean Theorem. -- Use what you're given, combined with what you know from your studies and your general knowledge, to calculate what is required.

How can I calculate cord length using arc length and radius?

r = known radius x = known arc length --------------------------- C (circumference of circle) = 2 * PI * r A (angle of chord in degrees) = x / C * 360 L (length of chord) = r * sin(A/2) * 2

What is a cord that is drawn from the center of a circle?

A cord that crosses the center of a circle is a diameter, which divides the circle into two equal halves. It is a line segment, and it is the longest cord that can be drawn within a circle.However, if the segment begins at the center rather than crosses through it, and has the other endpoint on the circumference of the circle, it is not a cord, but is a radius of that circle.

What is the cord that passes through the center of the circle?

the cord that passes through the center of the circle is known as the diameter, the whole circle on the out side is known as the circumference, the dot in the middle is known as the center and the radius is the line what goes half way through the circle from the diameter.

How would you construct an isosceles triangle if only given the vertex angle and the radius of the circumscribed circle?

You have an isosceles triangle, and a circle that is drawn around it. You know the vertex angle of the isosceles triangle, and you know the radius of the circle. If you use a compass and draw the circle according to its radius, you can begin your construction. First, draw a bisecting cord vertically down the middle. This bisects the circle, and it will also bisect your isosceles triangle. At the top of this cord will be the vertex of your isosceles triangle. Now is the time to work with the angle of the vertex. Take the given angle and divide it in two. Then take that resulting angle and, using your protractor, mark the angle from the point at the top of the cord you drew. Then draw in a line segment from the "vertex point" and extend it until it intersects the circle. This new cord represents one side of the isosceles triangle you wished to construct. Repeat the process on the other side of the vertical line you bisected the circle with. Lastly, draw in a line segment between the points where the two sides of your triangle intersect the circle, and that will be the base of your isosceles triangle.

What is the area of an arch with given radius and cord length?

s=arc lengthr=radiusAnswer: (r^2).(asin(s/(2r))-(s/16).sqrt(4r^2-s^2)

What is meant by a circle's diameter?

It is the distance across the entire span of the circle.Draw a line from one side to the next side like a cord, except directly through the center so that the circle is split in 2 identical semi-circles. The length of this line is the diameter.The radius of the circle is HALF the diameter so you have the relationships:D = R/2orR = 2Dfor R = the radius and D = the diameter

What is a cord that passes through the center of a circle?

A cord that passes through the center of a circle is a diameter of that circle. And you've probably guessed that this is the largest cord of that circle.

What is the formula to calculate the height of a cord?

Easiest way to find the length of a cord: (enter in scientific calculator as shown below) x=2 squareroot(h(2*r-h)) Where: x is the answer or the endpoint of the cord where it would meet the radius. h is height or the amount of flat you want from the top of the radius. r is the radius. So: Say we have a round bar which is 90mm radius (180mm diameter). We want to machine a flat on the bar 40mm deep from the outer edge but need to know the distance where the edge of the flat meets the radius. x=2 squareroot(40(2*90-40)) x=74.833mm This calculation is useful to find any point at which the cord will intersect the radius/diameter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You mean the highest point in the segment formed by a cord, or, how much do you shave off a circle to get a flat of a known length? R = circle radius r = 1/2 cord length H = height of segment Square 'r', or multiply 'r' by itself Square 'R' and subtract value of your 'r squared' Find 'square root' of this remainder. Use calculator key or test multiply to find a close factor. Subtract this factor from "R" and the result is "H"

Does the perpendicular bisector of a cord of a circle passe through the center of the circle?

Yes, the perpendicular bisector of a cord is the shortest distance from the centre of a circle to the cord.

What is the formula to calculate the radius of a segment knowing the height of the segment and cord length?

Assume that the height of the segment is h, the chord length is c and the radius is r then: r2=(r-h)2+(c/2)2 (We join two radii to the two ends of the chord then extend the height of the segment to the center of the circle in which the segment is inscribed so this height will bisect the chord and you use the pythagorean theorem to find the radius)

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