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if p is the percent increase, multiply the old price by (1+p) to get the new increased price.

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Q: How do you find sales price when given percent of increase?
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How much is the sales tax if the price is 17.00 and the sales tax is 7 percent?

The sales tax adds $1.19 to the price.

If sales price is 200 percent of cost how do you work out what the cost is?

Divide Sales Price by 200% (ie 2). So cost is half of sales price.

What is the sales price if the price is 295 and it is 15 percent off?

The sale price will be $250.75

What is the regular price if sale price is 47.60 and the disccount rate is 30 percent?

The sales price is 70 percent of regular price , so 70/100*regular price = sales price (47.60)on solving we get regular price = 68

Hiking boots that cost 150 a pair are reduced by 40 percent for a special weekend sale By what percent must the special sales price be increased to bring the price back to 150?

cost = 150 X = 100% = 1.00 = original percent Y = 40% = 0.40 = percent reduced Z = sale percent Reduction formula based on the above variables X and Y: X - Y = Z Z = 0.6 This means the boots are on sale for 60% of their original price, or 90 a pair. To bring 90 up to 150, simply use the following formula based on these variables: A = raised price B = sale price C = percent the sales price is raised by to reach the raised price A/B = C 150/90 = 1.67 Or, to increase the sales price of 90 to the raised price of 150, you would need to sell the boots for 167% of the sales price. 100% of the sales price is 90, so the increase is 67%.

If a 65 dress is on sale for 20 percent and the sales tax is 7 percent what is the total purchase price?

The total price with the discount and sales tax is: $55.64

What is the sales price if the price is 120 and it's 40 percent off?


What is original price if sales price is 156.00 at 35 percent off?


Create a formula in the row containing the 15 percent increase label that calculates a 15 percent increase in total montly sales?

If total sales is in M2, then put this formula in N2 to show 15% increase in sales.=M2*1.15

What would a 15 percent sales increase be on 100?

15% increase on 100 = 115.

The regular price 40 and on sale for 30 percent what is the sales price?

The sale price 28.00.

If the selling price of model B is 60 percent more than the selling price of model A what percent of the total sales do the sales of model A represent?

You have missing variables such as the critically important total sales.

What is the sales price of 14.00when is decreased by 20 percent?


If the sales price is 28.56 and the discount rate is 25 percent what is the regular price?


What is the sales price of 35 and 30 percent off discount?

The sale price will be $24.50

If the original price is 95 and the sales price is 61.75 what is the percent of discount?

34% discount

The gallery charges 20 percent of art sales. how do you include this 20 percent into the price for the art?

Multiply the price by 1.2

What is the sales price on a jacket priced 725 if the sales tax rate is 7 percent?

Answers for Adding 20 Percent To 725 Is

The price of an item before tax was 48.00 The sales tax was 2.16 What percent of tax was charged?

The percent of the sales tax was 4.5%

The sales price of a car is 12590 which is 20 percent off original price What is the original price?


If something is on sale for 30 percent and the original price is 126.00 what is the sales price?

The sale price is 88.20

How is the total price including sales tax calculated?

purchase price x percent sales tax .... then added to the original amount

If Sales were 210 now there 731 what is the percent change?

This is a 248.0952% increase.

The sales on a new car was 757 If the sales tax represents 6 percent of the purchase price find the selling price of the car?

The selling price was 714.15.

Did sales for business cases increase in 1996?

Sales for business cases rose 4 percent in 1996

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