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You have to multiply the gorilla by the horse by the monkey then you need to multiply the answer by 45 then that is your answer

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Q: How do you find the area of a space?
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How do you find the surface area of a space figure?

The surface area of a space figure is the total area of all the faces of the figure

What does it mean to find the area of a shape?

To find the the area of a shape is to find the space that is enclosed within a 2D object. Do not mix it up with volume, which is the space enclosed within a 3D object.

How does the surface area differ from area?

The diff is that SA (SURFACE AREA) is the area of the entire figure like a cube you would find the whole area of the firgure not the face. Area is the amount of space an object takes like a field to find out how much space it takes. :)

How to find surface area of space fig by the net?

If you know how to find the area of all the shapes of the faces of the net, add the area of them together to get the surface area.

How do you find the area of a diameter?

A diameter is a line. A single line cannot enclose a space, and thus has no area.

How do you find the area of a shaded space within a triangle?

There is no shaded space (indeed, no triangle) so the answer must be 0.

How can you find the area?

By counting how many geometrical units cover the shape, figure, or space.

What does it mean to find an area of a shape?

It is to calculate the extent of the shape in 2-dimensional space.

Small space in the Charlotte, Nc area?

There is a website that can help a person find a space for lease in any state. Here is the website that I am referring to:

WhEN is area used for other than to find out how big or wide a shape is from the inside?

You could use an area calculation to determine how much space is unused or available. For instance, you could measure the outside of your school and find its area. Then you could measure the perimeter of the school yard and find its area. Then you could subtract the two to find out how much area is available for recreation and parking.

How do you find the area of a polynomial?

The area is the amount of space in a 2-D object. A polynomial can be almost every object you can think of. You have to be specifica nd ask which polynomial you want the area to be found in.

What does fixing the space in drama mean?

The space is the area that will be performed in. Fixing the space means getting the performance area ready to be performed in.

How do you figure out how many vehicles can fit in a lot?

Find out the average area a vehicle takes up, and see how many fit into the parking lot space area.

How do you find surfac area?

multiply the length by the width so a 10 x 10 space will equal 100

Is size of a space an area?

No because space goes on and on

How can you find the volume or area of a space?

To find an area of a shape, it depends on what shape it is. Generally, though, area and volume are measured in square or cubic units. To find the area of a square, measure one of its sides (pick one, it doesn't matter!), and then square it (multiply the length by itself one time). To find the area of a cube, measure one of its sides, and cube is (multiply the length by itself two times).

Do you use area volume or lenght to figure out the space inside a moving van?

Not sure why it matters whether or not the van is moving in order to find the space inside the van but you would use area = length x width x height

What is the relationship between perimeter and area and length?

Perimeter is the distance around an object. Area is the total amount of space inside the object. Length is the the measurement of one side of the object. Length is added up to find the perimeter. Length is multiplied to find the area.

How do you determine the volume of surface area of three dimensional space figure?

First, find the area of each 2-D face of the figure, then add those up.

How is space a limiting factor for a population?

Space is a limiting factor for a population because when the population starts growing then there won't be enough space for all the organisms so then some of the organisms have to leave that area and find a new habitat.

What is confined space?

Confined space is the area in which restriction is caused.

Define Space in Dance terms?

space is the area of space occupied by the dancer your welcome

What is the radius and the area of a circle?

The radius of a circle is the distance from the center to any point on the circle. The area is the space within the circle. The formula to find the area is πr2. r stands for the radius of the circle. If you want to find the radius, you can work backwards from the area or the circumference, which is the perimeter of the circle. The formula for circumference is 2πr.

What is a synonym for space?


How many square feet is in a space measuring 9ftx12ft?

To find the area of a space multiply the length by the width.In this case multiply 9 feet by 12 feet.The answer is 108 square feet.