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As it's an isosceles right triangle, the right angle is the angle between the two sides of equal length.

Using Pythagoras, the lengths of these sides, and hence the area can be found:

2 x side2 = (6√2)2

⇒ side2 = 62

⇒ side = 6

⇒ area = 1/2 x 6 x 6

= 18 sq units.

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Q: How do you find the area of an isosceles right triangle with hypotenuse 6sqrt2?
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What is hypotenuse in an isosceles triangle?

Only a right triangle has a hypotenuse. An isosceles triangle can be a right triangle but it doesn't have to be. If it's not, then it doesn't have a hypotenuse.

What is the Formula of a hypotenuse of right triangle?

The hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is 13 centimeters long. How long are its sides?

When can the leg of an isosceles triangle be used as the height of the triangle?

Yes if the isosceles triangle is a right isosceles triangle because that leg opposite the hypotenuse is the height

What type of triangle has two equal sides and a right angle?

An Isosceles right triangle. If the length of either of the two sides is N then the hypotenuse is N times the square root of 2. an isosceles right triangle can not be an equilateral triangle since the hypotenuse can not be the same size as the other two sides..

The median to the hypotenuse of a right triangle divided the triangle into two triangles that are both what?


How do you calculate the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle?

An isosceles right triangle will always have its shorter sides of the same length, and the hypotenuse will always be this length times sin(45o) or times the square root of 0.5.

What is the area of an isosceles right triangle whose hypotenuse is 12 2?

The length of the hypotenuse, alone, is not sufficient to determine the area of a triangle.

What is the isosceles right triangle conjecture?

in an isosceles triangle, if the legs have length L, then the hypotenuse has length L square root of 2

When does right-angle triangle have least hypotenuse?

When it is an isosceles right angled triangle: with angles that are 90-45-45.

If an isosceles right triangle has a hypotenuse of 36 what is the measure of each leg?


In an isosceles right triangle the hypotenuse is radical three and if the hypotenuse is 12 then what is the smaller leg of that triangle?

If the hypotenuse is the square root of three, then the legs are (root 6)/2. If the hypotenuse is 12, then the legs are 6(root 2). This is because, for any given right isosceles triangle, the length of the hypotenuse x is root two times the length of the legs.

What is the area of a right isosceles triangle with a hypotenuse is 16 square root 2?

Area of the right isosceles triangle: 0.5*16*16 = 128 square units