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You can use SAS. This means you are given two lengths of lines and one angle. You can then work out the area

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Q: How do you find the area of triangle if both lines are perpendicular?
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Can you draw two lines on a sheet of paper that are both parallel and perpendicular?

No, you can't have two lines that are both parallel and perpendicular.

How do you draw an isosceles right triangle?

An isosceles right triangle is a 45° 45° 90° triangle. If you know how to construct a right angle (two lines that are perpendicular), then just take a compass, with the point on the intersection of the perpendicular lines, and mark the same distance on each of the perpendicular lines, then use a straight edge to connect those two points. Or, if you have a square, you can connect two of opposite corners with a diagonal and you will have 2 triangles, both of them isosceles right triangles.

Does F have perpendicular or parallel lines?

It has both

How many perpendicular lines has a heptagon got?

A heptagon can have all 7 lines that are perpendicular to one or both its neighbours.

What is parallel perpendicular lines look like?

As far as we know, two lines can be perpendicular, or they can be parallel, but they can't be both.

How are perpendicular lines similar and different to intersecting lines?

Perpendicular lines are specific kinds of intersecting lines. They both cross paths. Intersecting lines can cross paths in any way, but perpendicular lines have to cross at right angles.

How are perpendicular line similar to intersecting?

They both cross paths. Intersecting lines can cross paths in any ways, but perpendicular lines have to cross at 90 degrees.

How do you find the base and height of a triangle when you already know the area?

area = 1/2 base * perpendicular height you can't find both the base and the height if you only know the area

Are perpendicular lines considered nonlinear?

No, two lines perpendicular to each other are wriiten as two separate equations. Both are linear.

If two parallel lines are perpendicular to the same line do the lines intersect?

the parallel lines never intersect each other but they both intersect the line they are perpendicular to

What color has Two letters with 2 pairs of parallel lines Four letters have perpendicular lines Three letters have both parallel and perpendicular lines?


Why two lines cannot be both parallel and perpendicular?

Since two parallel lines never intersect, they cannot be perpendicular to each other because perpendicular lines intersect and form angles of 90⁰.