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tracing paper

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Q: How do you find the center point of rotation?
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How do you find the smallest angle of rotational symmetry for a figure?

If you can rotate (or turn) a figure around a center point by fewer than 360° and the figure appears unchanged, then the figure has rotation symmetry. The point around which you rotate is called the center of rotation, and the smallest angle you need to turn is called the angle of rotation. This figure has rotation symmetry of 72°, and the center of rotation is the center of the figure:

The point about which a figure is rotated?

Center of rotation

What is a transformtion in which a figure is rotated about a point called the center of rotation?

It is called a rotation.

To turn around a center point is what?


What is the center of rotation of a square?

The point where the diagonals meet.

How do you find the center of rotation?

you can find center of earth by using only the formulas

What is rotation motion?

Rotation describes the motion of an object, in a circular manner, around a fixed center point.

How do you work out the center of a rotating shape?

It is the one point that does not move during rotation.

To turn around a center point is called what?

To turn around a center point is called rotation. This is what the planets do around the sun in the solar system.

What is the relationship between axis of rotation and center of gravity?

The greater the distance from the axis of rotation (i.e., pivot point) to the center of gravity of an object, the greater the torque required to rotate the object.

How do you find the angle of rotation?

Measure the angle in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation, between the position of a fixed point at the start and end of the rotation.

To turn around in a center point is called what?

To turn around a centre point is to rotate.

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