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Center of rotation

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Q: The point about which a figure is rotated?
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What is a point about which a figure is rotated?

Point of rotation

What is a transformtion in which a figure is rotated about a point called the center of rotation?

It is called a rotation.

When a figure can be rotated 180 degrees and still looke the same?

When u rotated a figure 180 is the reflection the same

What figure would it be if you rotated a smiley face?

well if you rotated it upside down then it would be a face with a uni brow.

What is the angle of rotation if you know how many vertices a figure has?

A figure can be rotated through any angle of your choice.

Any figure that can be turned or rotated less than 360 degrees about a fixed point so that the figure looks exactly as it does in its original position?

Rotation Symmetry La Simetria de Rotation Symetrie de Rotation

Point Q was rotated about origin (0,0) by 180 degrees?


What is a rotation of 270 degrees clockwise for the point (-22)?


The figure shows the preimage and image of three points that have been rotated around a point, plus the preimage of pentagon RSTUV. Is this statement true or falseThe image of RSTUV is DEFGH?


What is an angle of symmetry?

The least angle at which the figure may be rotated to coincide with itself is the angle of symmetry.

How many lines of rotation of symmetry does a square have?

Rotational symmetry refers to symmetry of the figure when it is rotated about a single point in the same plane. Lines of symmetry apply to reflections. You do not have lines of rotational symmetry.

A point of symmetry is a point around which a shape can be rotated without changing any of its characteristics?

If it says rotated it's true If it says reflected it is false

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