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How you find the commission rate varies depending on the job. Some jobs pay a commission of 10% of total sales while some have commission that is on a sliding scale. In real estate, the realtor makes a commission from each sale. You can ask what the rate is prior to hiring the real estate agent.

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Q: How do you find the commission rate?
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Formula of rate of commission?

Commission divided by sale = rate of commission.For example:Last week Don Felt made a commission of $325.80 on $2715 sales. Find his rate of commission.S325.80/2715=12%

What is the commission rate for a futures broker?

The commission rate for a futures brokers vary according to how much work is in it for them. You can find discount brokers for as little as 59 cents per trade.

Find the commission earned for a sales of 2000 at a 7.5 percent commission rate?

I think it would be thirteen and one third percent

What is commission rate for home-owner's insurance?

The commission rate is the commission earned by the agent or broker who places the policy wit the company.

Is the percent of total sales paid as commission to a salesperson?

Commission rate

Total sales 13600 commission rate 2.75?

Commission: $374.00

What is the formula for getting the commission?

You multiply the commission rate (the percentage, divided by 100), by the amount for which you are supposed to get commission.

Scott had pharmaceutial sales of 42500 last month if his commission rate is 9 percent find the amount of his commission?

42500 = 425 x 100 so commission of 9 per hundred = 9 x 425 = 3825

How do you find commission?

To find the commision rate you must first1. Multiply your total sales times your the commision rate. (ex. $179 x 7%)2. Your answer will be 12.53.And that is your commision rateHope this information was helpful.

What is the rate of commission on a 15000 sale if the commission is 45?

15000 x 45 % = 6,750

What is commission rate?

percentage of money you get from a sale.

What is the typical commission rate?

No-one cares