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You find the the smallest and largest values. The interval is the largest minus the smallest.

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Q: How do you find the interval for a set of data?
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How do you find an interval on a graph?

to find an interval you have to subtract the first two number from each other for example 5 10 15 20 the interval for this set of data is 5

What is the convenient scale and interval to use for graphing each set of data set?

What is the convenient scale and interval to use for graphing each set of data set?

How do you do modal interval in maths?

write an interval and a scale for the data set 55,30,78,98,7, and 45

How do you find the mode of a data set without two of the same numbers?

If none of the numbers in a set of data are repeated you have two options: Options 1: leave the data set as it is and call every value a mode. One instance when the mode is hardly a useful measure. Option 2: Group the data and find the class interval with the highest frequency density. This would be the modal interval. Note, though, that the class intervals that you choose will influence the result.

Can the median be determined for any set of interval data?

In principle, yes. It may require interpolation within the central interval.

What is an appropriate scale and interval for a data set in a table?

The answer will depend on the data values: there is no rule that fits all situations.

What shows the number of items within an interval that appear in a data set?

A frequency diagram.

What does range tell you about the data set?

Range tells you the interval in which the f(x) values are found.

Is elevation interval data or ratio?


What is the most reasonable interval for the data 5 10 30 40 20?

A good way to assess what is a reasonable interval when graphing data is to see if there are any common factors in the data set. In this case 5, 10, 30, 40 and 20 are all clearly divisible by 5. Therefore, 5 would be a reasonable interval to use when graphing the data.

How do you find out the modal range?

if data is in the form of frequency distribution then the modal range is the interval containing the highest frequency of observations

Write and interval and scale for the data set 55 30 78 98 7 and 45?