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What is the convenient scale and interval to use for graphing each set of data set?

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Q: What is the convenient scale and interval to use for graphing each set of data set?
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What is the most reasonable interval for the data 5 10 30 40 20?

A good way to assess what is a reasonable interval when graphing data is to see if there are any common factors in the data set. In this case 5, 10, 30, 40 and 20 are all clearly divisible by 5. Therefore, 5 would be a reasonable interval to use when graphing the data.

How do you do modal interval in maths?

write an interval and a scale for the data set 55,30,78,98,7, and 45

What is an appropriate scale and interval for a data set in a table?

The answer will depend on the data values: there is no rule that fits all situations.

Is GPA interval data?

Yes, it is a Continuous variable measured along an equidistant scale.

Write and interval and scale for the data set 55 30 78 98 7 and 45?


Is course evaluation scale nominal or ordinal or ratio or interval?

It is Ordinal:Order the data from smallest to largest or "worst" to "best".Each data value can be compared with another data value.

What is the difference between interval data analysis and ratio data analysis?

Data comes in various sizes and shapes. Two of them are Interval and Ratio. Interval is a measurement where the difference between two values is meaningful and follows a linear scale. For example: in physics, temperature 0.0 on either F or C does not mean 'no temperature'; in biology, a pH of 0.0 does not mean 'no acidity'. Interval data is continuous data where differences are interpretable, ordered, and constant scale, but there is no 'natural' zero. Ratio is the relation in degree or number between two similar things or a relationship between two quantities, ordered, constant scale, with natural zero. Ratio data is interpretable. Ratio data has a natural zero. A good example is birth weight in kg. The distinctions between interval and ratio data are slight. Certain specialized statistics, such as a geometric mean and a coefficient of variation can only be applied to ratio data.

Is skin temperature in degrees centigrade interval data?

Yes, skin temperature in degrees centigrade is considered interval data. Interval data is continuous data that has a meaningful zero point, but ratios between values are not meaningful. Skin temperature can be measured on a continuous scale with a specific unit of measurement (degrees centigrade) where a value of zero does not indicate absence of skin temperature.

Is elevation interval data or ratio?


What is the purpose of graphing a circle?

Truthfully the purpose of graphing a circle helps to show the points in a data set. If you're also going to shade, by graphing a circle you save time in functionality to figure out what and where your data sets will be.

Are multiple choice tests measured at ordinal scale or interval scale?

Ordinal. Tests responses are usually correct or incorrect. This would be assigned a value and the number of correct answers is the score of the test. There is a logical order, a correct answer is better than an incorrect answer, so it is not nominal data. Even though we calculate averages, test responses are not interval data, as there is no meaning to the interval. See related link.

What is definition of metric data?

Metric data is any reading which is at least at an interval scale, as opposed to non metric data, which can be nominal or ordinal. Weight, height, distance, revenue, cost etc. are interval scales or above. Hence they are metric data. On the other hand, satisfaction ratings, Yes/No responses, Male/Female readings etc., are non metric data.