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the mixed number is written like this:



9 10

this is the decimal: 9.1

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Q: How do you find the mixed number and decimal for nine and one tenth?
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Explain how to find the mixed number and decimal for nine and one tenth?

9 and 1/10 is a mixed number. As a decimal, that is written 9.1

How do you compare a decimal to a mixed number?

First you convert the decimal into a mixed-number/fraction. Then you have to find the common denominator and compare.

What is 1 tenth of 70cm?

To find a tenth of something, write the number with a decimal value; in this case.70 CM = 70.0 CMTo find the tenth of it, move the decimal one place to the left.70.0 CM --> 7.0 CMTherefore, 1 tenth of 70 CM is 7 CM.

How do you find the decimal form for four-tenth?

It is 0.4

How do you find out how much a tenth of a number?

Either multiply the number by 1/10 or divide the number by 10 or move the decimal point one position to the left

How do you find the decimal approximation to the nearest tenth of point 640?

0.640 to the nearest tenth is 0.6

How do you write decimal numbers as a fraction or mixed number in the simplest form?

U find the place its in and write

What is 87.5 percent of a fraction or mixed number?

To find 87.5% of a fraction or mixed number, you first convert the fraction or mixed number into a whole number with or without a decimal (ex. 3/4=.75; 1 3/8=1.375). Next, you take 87.5% and convert it into a decimal (for multiplication. To do this, you simply move the decimal point (.) two paces to the left (87.5=.875) and the opposite when converting a decimal to a percent. Next, you multiply .875 by whatever the converted fraction or mixed number came out as. Now you have your answer. Hope this helps.

How do you divide to find a decimal or mixed decimal then write the decimal?

you divide the numerator by the denominator on you will get a decimal and you write it 00.00 that is a decimal

What is one-tenth of 2.00?

To find one-tenth of a number move the decimal over to the left one place. Also, you can multiply by 1/10 or .1 2.00 * .1=0.2

If you know the decimal for one tenth how can you find the decimal for two thirds?

2/3 = 0.6666 repeating

How do you find one tenth of something?

To find one tenth of a number, multiply the number by 0.1, or divide the number by 10.

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