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You would first find the percent (if it was 5% interest (for example) on a calculator you would do the amount then multiply by 5, then click the percent, by hand: you would multiply the amount you paid for then multiply by 0.05 then you would get the interest; simple math :D

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Q: How do you find the percent paid on interest?
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Does an increase of 4 percent in the interest rate result in a 4 percent increase in the total interest paid?

Not usually. A "4 percent increase in the interest rate" usually means that there is some reference interest rate of x percent that is increased to 4 + x percent. This means that the interest paid increases from x percent of the principal to 4 + x percent of the principal. Therefore, the interest paid increases by 100 (4/x) %. For example, if a recent Federal funds rate of 1 % in the United States were to be increased by 4 %, the interest paid on any given amount of principal would increase by 400 %!

How much interest will be paid on 350 if the rate of interest is 18 percent?

63 dollars

Eight hundred dollars is borrowed at an interest rate of 1.5 percent per month Find the interest paid over a period of 5 months?


5 percent interest compounded annually means percent paid every?


Is the percent of the principal paid as interest per time period Answer?


Is the percent of the principal paid as interest per time period.?


What does 4.9 percent p. a. interest mean on a credit card?

It means the percent of interest paid annually (p.a. means per annum).

How do you find interest rate?

To find interest rate you multiply the price by the time by the percent

What is the simple interest paid annually for 5 years on a 700 loan at 11 percent per year?

The interest paid annually is 700*5/100 = 35

How much interest will be paid in 1 year for a loan of 2500 at 9 1 2 percent simple interest?


How much interest will be paid in 2 years for a loan of 1500 at 8.25 percent simple interest?

365$ give or take :)

How much interest will be paid in 1 year for a loan of 2500 at 9 1-2 percent simple interest?


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