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find it urself fool

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Q: How do you find the percentage of a number when there is no total?
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What is the equation to find the percentage of a number?

Number of total marks x100

How do you find out a lawyers win percentage?

If you have the number of wins and number of losses, divide wins by the total.

63 students is 70 percent of what number?

To find out what percentage of a number a certain number is, divide it by x/100. In this instance, 63 / (70/100) = 90.This is the opposite of what you would do if you were given the total, and told to find a certain percentage.

How do you find the percentage of current assets to total assets?

percentage of current assets to total assets

How do you find a percent of a quantity?

You divide the number you want to find the percentage of by the total number present (and then times by 100). For example - if you invite 15 people to a meeting and 12 turn up, to find the percentage you divide 12 by 15 and then times by a hundred. 12 ÷ 15 = 0.8 = 80%

What percentage of dentist have been hired in the past year?

find the number of dentists hired last year. Divide by the total number of dentists and multiply by 100.

How do you find percentage?

To find the percentage of one number you divide the numbers then multiply the answer by 100. For an example, if you want to find the percentage of four that the number three is you divide three by four and then multiply the result ,which is 0.75, by 100 and your result or percentage would be 75%!

What percentage of asains play Starcraft?

Because this is such a vague question we will use very biased and over-the-top assumptions to reach our answer!SPOILER: " 1.26% "First, we will find the total number of people living in Asia:Asia's population: 3,879,000,000Next, we will find the total population of people playing Starcraft in Asia:South Korea's population: 48,758,000Lastly, we will find the percentage:48,758,000 / 3,879,000,000 = 1.25697344676463%The total percentage of "asians" that "play starcraft" is: 1.26%That makes sense, right?

How do you make a number correct into a percentage?

Divide the number correct by the total possible.

How do you calculate percentage of total marks?

It is: (marks gained)/(total possible marks) times 100 to find the percentage

Formula in finding percentage?

The answer depends on whether you wish to find one number as a percentage of another or if you want a given percentage of a number.

How do you find a total if you receive 3500 dollars and its 30 percentage of the total?

I need to know how do you figure out the percentage if you receive 3500 dollars which is 30 percent of what total?