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to find a power of a product you add the exponents

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Q: How do you find the power of product?
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Speed-power product OF TTL?

The product of propagation delay and power dissipation is called Speed power product.

What is the pattern you could use to find the product when multipling a whole number by a power of 10?

You add as many zeros to the number as you have in the power of 10.

What is buyer power?

Buyer power is the power given to consumers. They have the power to decide to buy a product which can change the demand changing the cost of the product.

How do you find power generated in a resistor?

The power generated in a resistor is converted into heat. and that can be power which is converted into heat is the product of the voltage across the resistor and, current passing through the resistor. or the product of square of the current and the resistance offered by the resistor.

What is the product of 3 to the 8th power?

The product of 3 to the 8th power is 6,561

What does find each product mean?

find each product

Where can one find information about Power Sentry?

Power Sentry is the brand name of a wall adaptor developed by the Power Sentry corporation. They have an official website with full information and FAQs about their product.

Is power the rate at which voltage changes?

Power is the product of amps x volts. This product is called watts.

What is the product of 3 3 3 3 as a power?

The product of 3 3 3 3 as a power is 1.089 * 10 power 3.

How can you use 4 x7 to find 8x7 Find the product?

You can use the product from 4x7 to find the product of 8x7 by doubling the answer to 4x7. The product of 4x7 is 28 and the product of 8x7 is 56 (28 doubled is also 56).

What formula would you use to calculate the current drawn in a low beam headlamp circuit?

Since power is the product of voltage and current, you will need to find out the power rating of the headlamp when on low beam. To find the current, divide the power of the lamp by the voltage (12 V).

What are the seven rules for exponents?

Rules for exponents to multiply powers, add the exponents to divide powers, subtract the exponents to find a power of a power, multiply the exponents to find a power of a quotient, apply the power top and bottom to find a power pf a product, apply the exponent to each factor in the product x0 = 1 anything to the power zero equals one x-a = 1/xa a negative exponent means "one over" the positive exponent

What is power of a product?


Where can one find more information on the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Deluxe?

One can find more information about the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Deluxe from the Jack Lalanne official website. They have many details about what the product is made of and what it does.

Best product to quit smoking?

The best product to use is WILL POWER.

Raising a product to a power exponent rule?

power of 0

Write 16 to the 3rd power as a product of the same value. Then find the value?

16 x 16 x 16 = 4096

What formula used to find out power in single phase?

In a purely resistive circuit the power is the product of the voltage time the current. This would be applicable for items such as lights, heaters (no with no fans), etc. In non-purely resistive circuits the power is determined by the product of the voltage times the current time the power factor. An industry common practice is to assume a power factor of somewhere between 0.7 and 0.8.

Where can I find info on Fein power tools?

User reviews for Fein power tools can be found at, as well as the product pages for individual tools at

How do you find whether its real or reactive power?

Use a wattmeter, as it only reads 'real power' of your load. Use an ammeter and a voltmeter, and the product of the two readings will give you 'apparent power' of your load. Since apparent power is the vector sum of real power and reactive power, use the following equation to find the reactive power of your load: (reactive power)2 = (apparent power)2 - (real power)2

What is a product in which all the factors are the same?

the power

What is the Power of a Product?

That means that you multiply them.

Where do you find the product in a multiplication product?

the product is the answer -- I think the product is the key here.

How do you find the product of three negative integers?

1. find the product of the first two 2. multiply that product with the third number

What does it mean when you find the product of something?

When you find the product of something, it means you found the answer to a multiplication problem. For example 14 would be the product of 2 and 7.