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You add as many zeros to the number as you have in the power of 10.

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Q: What is the pattern you could use to find the product when multipling a whole number by a power of 10?
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What is the product of 3 and a number which is then subtracted from the product of 12 and a number?

It could mean: 12x-3x = 9x

What could be the next two number on the pattern 1371321?

A single number, such as 1371321 does not make a pattern.

Could the product of two prime numbers be a prime number?


What is the greatest product of 2?

There is no such number. If someone claimed that x was such a number then x+2 would be (a) a greater number and (b) a product of 2. So then x could not be such a number.

Is the product of a fraction less than 1 and whole number greater than or less than the whole number?

It depends on the whole number. The two numbers could be positive or negative which means that the product could be larger or smaller.

Could 35 be the prouduct of 10?

A single number cannot have a product.

What is a number a variable or a product of numbers in a math equation?

It could be a "term".

What is the greatest number of digits a product could have if a 4 digit number is multiplied by a 2 digit number?


The product of a number and 6 is less than 36 What is the number?

The number could be anything less than 6

What is a whole number that can be multiplied with another whole number to find a product?

any number you wnat could be 5 * 6 or 7 * 8 multiplying is the same thing as finding the product

The product of two number integer is 9 what could the integer be?

3 and 3

If 6 more than the product of a number and -2 is greater than 10 what could be that number?

the number is less than or equal to -3