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It is 113/93. You can simplify the ratio of required.

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Q: How do you find the ratio of 113 and 93?
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What is equivalent ratio of 113 to 93?

1130/930 is an equivalent ratio.

What is 20 add 93?


What is the fractional notation of the ratio of 113 to 741?


What is the ratio 1250 abd 2825?

1250 / 2825 reduce to 250 / 565 = 50 / 113 or 50:113

What is the ratio of 73 to 93 in simplest from?

73 is a prime number, so 73:93 cannot be simplified further.

What is the actual ratio of the phenotypic characteristics red 93 white 36?

Monohybrid ratio i. e. 3 : 1

How do you find the supplement of a 67 degree angle?

The answer is 113 deegrees because 67 + 113 =180

How do you find the ratio of 152?

A ratio is a property of two or more numbers. It is not possible to find the ratio of a single number.

What does Pi mean in matemathecs?

The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Best fit is 355/113, which is correct to 6 places.

How do you find the velocity ratio of a pulley?

To find the velocity ratio of a pulley, you must first find the effort and load distances. then you divide the two and there you have you VR (velocity ratio).

Find three consecutive integers whose sum is -93?

find three consecutive integers whose sum is - 93

How do I find out what percent is 93 out of 112?

% rate = 93/112 * 100% = 83.04%

How many pounds is 113 ounces?

There are 16 ounces in one pound. Therefore, 113 ounces is equal to 113 / 16 = 7.0625 pounds, or 7 pounds 1 ounce.

What is the ratio of 3?

To find a ratio, you need to compare two numbers. Since you have only given one number, it is impossible to find a ratio.

How do you find the ratio of shape?

The answer depends on the ratio of the shape to what!

What is the ratio of 226 hours and 13 days?

13 days is 312 hours. 226:312 hours is 113/156 simplified

How do you convert 113 percent into a fraction?

113% = 113/100113% = 113/100113% = 113/100113% = 113/100

What octane for 1973 450SL Mercedes?

93, This engine has a compression ratio that should allow it to use regular unleaded gasoline.

What is equivalent to this ratio 32?

Find an equivalent ratio to 32:24 such that tje first number in the ratio is 4

How do you find ratio of a triangle?

The answer depends on what ratio of the triangle you are interested in.

How do you find a ratio equivalent to the given ratio?

multiply by 2

How do you find the value of a ratio?

You divide the numerator of the ratio by its denominator.

Two supplementary angles are in the ratio 5 to 7. A. Find the anglesB. Find the ratio of the smaller angle to its complement?


Can you get a skarmory in Pokemon Sapphire?

Yes you find them on route 113

What is the angle of elevation of the sun if a 93 feet tall casts a shadow of 26 feet?

Use the tangent ratio: tan = 93/26 = 74.38 degrees to 2 d.p.

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What is equivalent ratio of 113 to 93?

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