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How do you find the sum or difference of a fraction?

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The sum of a fraction?

Well, to find the sum of the fraction all you do is divide both top and bottom numbers.

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Q: How do you find the sum or difference of a fraction?
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What do it mean do find a sum or difference in fraction?

The sum is the answer for adding and the difference is the answer for subtracting...

What methods can you use to solve for the sum or difference of integers?

To find the sum of integers, you use addition.To find the difference, you use subtraction.

Find the sum product difference and quotient of 12 and 4?

Sum: 16 Product: 48 Difference: 8 Quotient: 3

Find the sum of 45 that has a difference of 3?


What are the steps in getting the product sum and difference of two terms?

To get the product, multiply the first number by the second. To get the sum, add the second number to the first. To get the difference, subtract the smaller number from the larger.

How do you find the sum or difference with different denominators?

You don't. You find a common denominator and proceed from there.

The sum of two numbers is 12 and ther difference is 4 Find the sum?

12. Its given in the question

How do you find the sum or difference of two fractions with different denominators?

find the lowest common denominator

What is the difference between sum and difference?

sum is addition difference is subtraction

How do you get a sum in a fraction?

Add it

What is the sum of this fraction 1.8?

The sum is exactly and unequivocally 1.8

How do you use place value patterns to find the sum and difference?


Find the sum or difference?

3 1/2+ 6 5/8

Find your two numbers their sum is 25 and their difference is 5?

10 and 15.

Find two numbers such that their sum is 108 and difference is 54?

27 and 81

The sum of to numbers is 16 Their difference is 8 Find the numbers?

4 and 12

The sum of two numbers is 36 their difference is 24 find the numbers?


What do you call the sum of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed fraction.

Why should you estimate before you find the sum or difference of large numbers?

Because you will see that the sum or difference is close to your estimate. If it isn't that close, round the number you're estimating to the nearest compatible number and find the sum or difference Sum = Addition Difference = Subtraction Product = Multiplication Quotient = Division Does this answer help?

What is the sum and the difference of 45.78 and13.76?

the sum is 59.54 and the difference is 32.02.

What fraction can you add to a to get a sum of one?

1-a, which may or may not be a fraction.

What shows the sum of a whole number and a proper fraction?

It is a mixed fraction.

Find the difference between the product of 26.22 and 3.09 and the sum of 3.5072.0811.5 and 16.712?


The sum of two numbers is 36 and their difference is 12 find the numbers?

12 and 24!

Find two number whose sum is 166 and difference is 32?

67 and 99