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I think you are asking,"If 75% of a sum of money is £600, how do I find 100% of that mmoney?"

In this case notice that 75% is three quarters of £600,

There are many ways to solve the problem.

Because this is a simple case we could say, "If 75% of the amount required equals £600, another 25% would be a third of the 75% and a third of £600 is £200.

Add the £200 to the £600 and you have £800 for the answer.

If the figures are more difficult I would us another method: take this example:

If 85% of a sum of money is £425, how much is all of it?"

So , using 85% = 85/100 85/100 of £S = £425 So 1/100 of £S = £425/85

and 100 hundredths of £S will be (£425/85) * (£425/ 85) * 100 which is the same as saying $425 x 100/85; that means £425 multiplied by 100 over 85.

The answer is £500

Now 100 over 85 is the "upside down" figure for 85% which equals 85 over 100

In other words if 65% of £S is £39 how much is all of it.

Anmswer is found by multiplying £39 by the "upside down" of 65% which is 100 over 65 = £60

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Q: How do you find the whole number when a percentage is known?
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How do you find the percent if the whole number is known?

Take the number you have out of the whole, then dived it by the whole number. Multiply the resulting number by 100 and that's your percent.Example:What percentage is 7 of 10?7 / 10= .7.7 x 100 = 707 is 70% of 10.

How do you Find a whole when the percent is known?

how do you find a number when a percent of it is known

How do you find out percentage?

You take your percentage and divide it by 100 then times it by your whole number or what you are trying to find the percent of

How do you find percentages in whole numbers?

To find a percentage in a whole number, multiply the number by 100%, or put two zeroes and a percent sign after the number.

How do you find the percent equivalent to the nearest whole percent?

You find the percentage equivalent and the round the result to the nearest whole number.

How do you find a percent if the whole number is know?

a as a percentage of b = 100a/b

How do you find the whole number of a percentage?

The answer depends on the percentage. In many real-life cases they are proper fractions and therefore cannot be converted to whole numbers.

How do you find a number when a percent of it is known?

Divide (the known part) by (the percent). The quotient is the whole unknown number.

How do find a certain percentage to a whole number?

If you want to find x percent of a number y then you need to calculate y*(x/100). It makes no difference whether y is a whole number or not.

How do you find whole when part and percent is known?

Divide 100 by the known percentage and multiply the result by the known part. This will calculate the whole. Example: £10 is equal to 25%. Thus the whole = (100/25) * 10 = £40.

How can you find the total number in a whole given the percent and the number of parts?

====== Answer 1: ----------- proportion... A portion of the total is to its percentage of the total as the total is to 100%.

How do i find the product and identify the whole number between which the product lies?

You have to carry out the multiplication and thentruncate the answer to find the lower whole number,add 1 to that to find the next whole number.