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Divide 100 by the known percentage and multiply the result by the known part. This will calculate the whole.


£10 is equal to 25%.

Thus the whole = (100/25) * 10 = £40.

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2011-12-04 20:42:03
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Q: How do you find whole when part and percent is known?
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How do you find a number when a percent of it is known?

Divide (the known part) by (the percent). The quotient is the whole unknown number.

How do you find part if you have whole and percent?

Part = Whole*Percent/100

How do you find percent of total?

Divide a part of the whole by the whole and then multiply what you get by 100. This will give you the percentage of the part.

What formula do you use to find PERCENT?

part over whole

HOW TO find a percent of a number?

To find the percentage, subtract the part to the whole . Take your answer and divide it into the whole. Then multiply by 100.

How do you find the percent of an amount?

divide the part, by the whole, then multiply your answer by 100

What Part of a whole is represented by a percent that is 100?

The whole part - all of it.

What are the characteristics of a percent?

a part of a whole

What is part of a whole expressed in hundredths?


What word states that the part equals the percent multiplied by the whole?

Percent equation

What is a percent used to calculate?

Part of a whole where the whole contains 100 units.

When you already have a percent of the whole number how do you find out what that whole number is?

When expressing a math problem in words, the word "of" almost always means "multiply". Say that you know that 1199.91 is [equals] 23 percent of a number. The right side of the obvious equation is .23(a number), or .23x. 1199.91 equals .23x and all you have to do is divide both sides by .23 to find your answer. 1199.91/.23 is equal to 5217. If you have the part and the percent but you need to find the whole then this is the equation....for example 11 is 80% of_____? to figure it out you use this part over whole =percent over 100.... P =part, w=whole, and percent=x it looks like p x _ = _ w 100 The anser to my example one is W=13.75

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