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[(100x60) + (Tx40)]/100=Average, where T is you average on the other 40% of your grade. Example: your grade average is 90 before the test. You get a 100 on the big test. [(100x60) + 90x40)]/100 = [6000 + 3600]/100 = 96

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Q: How do you find your percent after you get 100 percent on a test and the test is 60 percent of your grade?
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How much does 100 percent correct on one test bring up your grade if you had a 94 percent overall grade before?

To a 100% A

What is a 65 percent out of a 100 percent grade?

According to my grade calculator it is a D. If there are a 100 possible and you got 65 than means you missed 40% of the test.

What grade is a 57 percent of 100?

D+ according to my grade calculator. You missed most of the test. Not very good.

What grade is a 100 percent?

A 100% is totally an A+.

How do you grade a test of 19 questions?

To find out the percent you need to cross multiply, example: 10/19. Times the correct answers by 100, then divide that number by the total amount of questions=52.63%

What is a 80 percent letter grade?

Depends on how many were possible. For instance on a test of 100 questions 80% would be a B.

How do you figure the percent for a test If you have a test where you have 30 questions and you have to have a 70 or better to pass?

Fallow these steps to find out the percent of any test or homework assignment: 1. Divide the number you got by the number its out of. 2. Multiply that number by 100. And there you go your percentage. If you want to find your grade average than fallow these steps: 1. Add all your marks up from all your classes. 2. Divide them by the number of classes you have. 3. Multiply that by 100.

What grade do you get if you got a 67 percent out of a 100 percent?


What is your grade if you get 40 percent out of 100 percent?

40 (F)

What is 75 percent out of a 100 percent?

75% out of 100% is 75/100 or .75. In grade terms is a C.

How do you average 70 percent test grade and 30 percent homework grades?

It is not possible to answer the question without knowing how much of the total each one is worth. If they are both equally important, then the answer is 50% but they are rarely (if ever) equally important. If the test grade is worth x percent of the total - not your grade but how much weight it carries in the total - then the average is [x*70+(1-x)*30]/100

What isThe highest grade a french student could get on a test?

100/100 is the maximum grade that you can get in French.