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Freeze it.

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Q: How do you flip a cup of water over without spilling it?
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How do you flip a glass of water without spilling it?

simple. place a piece of paper that is a little larger than the circumference of the glass on top of the glass. The next step is to flip it over completely with a good speed. not too fast though... after this you will observe a glass of water that is completely upside-down and it won't be spilling if you used the right paper. *this will be most effective if the glass of water is completely full*

What part of speech is spilling?

Spilling is a verb because it refers to an action, e.g. "The water was spilling over the edge."

Why do you titrate into a flask and not a beaker?

Because you can swirl it without it spilling over the top

If one gallon of water were poured into a vertical pipe 1 inch id how tall would the pipe have to be to hold the water without it spilling over the top?

294.12 inches 24.51 feet.

How do you know you water is full?

If you are pouring water in to a cup, you can tell when it is full, if the water is spilling over the edge of the cup, then there is enough water in the cup and it is full to the top.

When you boil water in a soda can then flip the can over into ice water why does it crush?

because if you have a little bit of ice water in a small food tub and when you flip the can of soda into it the pressure of the can will instantly crush in the water.

How Archimedes discovered how to find volume of solids?

It was the 'eureka' moment. Apparently - he was running a bath, and the water filled it right to the top. He got in without thinking, and noticed the water spilling over the edge. Getting out - he calculated that the amount of water lost was the same as his own volume.

Why do ice cubes flip over in water?

The heavy side will go to the bottom.

What is the manner of use of a funnel?

A funnel allows you to pour from one container into another container with a narrower opening without spilling over the edges.

What does it mean a white male cow chasing and spilling turmeric water all over?

Nothing as t here are no male cows!

What is an advantage of the J-K flip-flop over the S-R type flip-flop?

JK allows you to toggle without knowing the previous state.

To flip a figure over a line?

To flip a figure over a line is a reflection.

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