How do you float a ping-pong ball?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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this is a pretty good party trick. tip your head back and pucker your lips, then blow out to make a strong stream of air straight up. then place the ping pong ball in the air stream and it will float! tip: keep the air stream strong and constant and you should be able to keep it up for 4-5 seconds before gravity takes over.

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Q: How do you float a ping-pong ball?
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Why do ping pong balls float?

If they float in water, then it is because the density of a ping pong ball is lighter than the density of water. The density of water is just below 1, and the density of a ping pong ball is much less than 1.

How would you find the volume of a golf ball?

Put an exact amount of water in a measuring cup. Drop in a golf ball. The increase in water level equals the volume of the golf ball, assuming the ball doesn't float. For example, 200mL before ball. 280ml after ball dropped in. Therefore volume equals 40ml or 40 Cubic Centimeters.

What eliminates all float time?

Check 21 is what eliminates float time

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A ping pong ball falls into a tight deep pipe The pipe was only a bit wider than the ball so you can not use your hand How would you take it out with no damage?

Use a straw to suck that ball Take it out from the other end of the pipe Use some sticky chewing gum on the end of a bit of string, or a cane - also handy for getting screws and things off the floor when you drop them down between things Fill the pipe with water and the ball will float out. Turn the pipe upside down Answer Use a vacume cleaner.

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How big is each planet in tiny ball form?

Ok. Sun: basket ball mecury: marble venus and earth: tennis ball mars: pingpong ball jupiter: medium sized football saturn: small sized football Uranus: pingpong ball neptune: pingpong ball (pluto): marble

What hits the ground earlier a cricket ball or a pingpong ball?

Cricket Ball yaar

Which object will be slowed the most by air resistance?

a pingpong ball

How many pingpong balls can fit on a football field?

There is no rubber in a soccer ball

Why it is called pingpong?

Only because of the sound made when the ball hits the bat or paddle

What is lighter than a golf ball?

A pingpong ball. There much lighter like if i throw them at my head with my shotgun it will not hurt much.

How high does a pingpong ball bounce?

The harder you bounce the ping pong ball the higher it goes........the softer you bounce a ping pong ball the shorter it bounces. You control the heighth.

What is a ping pong ball made of?

plastic , designed to be very light for hitting with a pingpong bat It is made of plastic

How do you fix a dented pingpong ball?

boil it in water, the dent should rise back up unless there is a crack

What kind of air is inside the pingpong ball?

it is in fact regular air inside the ball. the smell is because its contained for so long the air has become stale.

Will a solid ball float or sink?


Is a foosball more like a pingpong ball or a golf ball?

A foosball out of those two would be more like a golf ball because it is quite solid. It is basically a perfectly smooth, hard plastic ball.