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To get a fraction of another fraction you have to multiply the fractions. To multiply fractions, just use this simple algorithm:

Step 1-Turn all whole numbers and mixed numbers into improper fractions.

Step 2-Multiply the numerators of the 2 fractions. The answer to that problem will be the numerator of the answer.

Step 3-Multiply the denominators of the 2 fractions. The answer to that problem will be the denominator of the answer.

Step 4-Reduce.

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Q: How do you get a fraction of another fraction?
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What is another fraction for 14?

28/2 is another fraction.

What can you compare a fraction to?

Another fraction.

What is an equivilant fraction?

An equivilant fraction is a fraction that equals the same as another fraction when simplified.

What happens when you divide a fraction by a fraction?

Provided the second fraction is not 0, you simply get another fraction.

What is anothert fraction for 15?

15 is an integer, not a fraction. So there is not another fraction.

What fraction is another name for 184?

184 is an integer, not a fraction.

What is another fraction between three fifths and four fifths?

Another fraction could be 3.5/4.

When is an improper fraction best used?

When you want to add it to another fraction.

What is another word for improper fraction?

It is a vulgar or 'top heavy' fraction

Another name for a fraction?


What is the Dolly Parton fraction?

Another name for an improper fraction (bigger on top).

What is another fraction for 11 30th's?

ther is no simplest fraction of 11/30!

How do you multiply a fraction by a fraction by another fraction?

Multiply all the numerators together and then multiply all the denominators together

What is a fraction equivalent?

An equivalent fraction is when one fraction can is equal to another. Example: 25/100=1/4

Which fraction has the least value?

There is no fraction that has a least value since it is always possible to find another fraction that is smaller.

How can a rational number be writtenin another way?

It can be expressed as a rational fraction, an equivalent rational fraction or as a decimal fraction.

What fraction times another fraction equals 0?

0 times ANYTHING is 0!

How do you know if a fraction is less than another fraction?

If you know how to multiply, cross multiply.

What is another name for fraction?

A rational number.

What is another name for a denominator in a fraction?


What is another name for the numerator in a fraction?


What is another answer for the fraction 1 and fifths?

It is 1.2

What are two equivalent fraction for four sixth?

the simplified fraction is 2/3 and another equivalent fraction is 8/12.

A fraction divided by a fraction?

May be a whole number, a mixed number, or another fraction, depending on what the original two fractions are.

How do you Divide fraction by another fraction?

One simple way is to flip the second fraction over (use its reciprocal) and multiply them.