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Well, there are actually 4 angles "of" a parallelogram. If you know one of them, you also have a second one and can calculate the others (since they all add up to 360º, and there are two pairs of equal angles). If not, use a protractor.

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Q: How do you get the angle of a parallelogram?
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How do you find the angle sum of a parallelogram?

angle sum of a parallelogram

Is a parallelogram with a right angle a square?

Yes a parallelogram with a right angle is a square.

Will a parallelogram never have a right angle?

A square is a type of parallelogram.

What is a parallelogram with four equal sidesbut no right angle?


What type of angle is not a parallelogram?

The questions doesn't make sense. An angle isn't a parallelogram. Parallelograms are types of shapes while an angle are to rays.

What is the only angle a parallelogram cannot have?

A right angle.

What is the name for a parallelogram with one right angle?

A parallelogram with one right angle has four of them. The name for this figure is a rectangle.

Is a parallelogram a obtuse angle?

No, a parallelogram is made from four lines whereas an obtuse angle comprises two lines.

Does a parallelogram have all right angle?

No, it does not. But an angle and the angle opposite it are always equal.

What is the adacent angle of parallelogram?

That would depend on the angle next to it.

Does a parrallellogram have a right angle?

Normally, a parallelogram does not have a right angle.

What shapes have a reflex angle?