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You need to use the sine rule.

If the three angles are A, B and C and the sides opposite them are named a, b and c then, by the sine rule,

a/sin(A) = b/sin(b) = c/sin(C)


b = a*sin(B)/sin(A) = a*y where y = sin(B)/sin(A) can be calculated


c = a*sin(C)/sin(A) = a*z where z = sin(C)/sin(A) can be calculated.

then perimeter = p = a + b + c = a + ay + az = a*(1 + y + z)

therefore a = p/(1 + y + z)

or a = p/[1 + sin(B)/sin(A) + sin(C)/sin(A)].

Everything on the right hand side is known and so a can be calculated.

Once that has been done, b = a*y and c = a*z.

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Q: How do you get the sides of the triangle when 3 angles are given and its perimeter?
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How do you find perimeter of triangle whose two sides are given and also angles are not given?

One can't. The angle between those is needed.

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle when all three sides are given?

If you have the length of each of the three sides of a triangle, you can find the perimeter of (the distance around) the triangle by adding the length of the sides. Their sum will be the perimeter of this geometric shape.

How can you tell if the given lengths can be the sides of a triangle?

you can fine the perimeter

How can you find sides of a triangle if one of the side and perimeter is given?

That depends on what type of triangle is if the side given is equal to the perimeter divided by 3 then it is an equilateral triangle.

How do you measure triangle?

It depends on what you wish to measure: the lengths of sides, the angles, the area, the perimeter.

Perimeter of non right angled triangle?

The perimeter of a triangle is simply the sum of the lengths of its three sides. Knowing that it is right angles (or not) is rarely of help.

How do you find the area of a triangle when given 3 angles and the perimeter?

If you know the lengths of 2 sides and the included angle then use: Area of a triangle = 1/2*a*b*sinC

What is the name of a triangle with 30 perimeter?

The fact that it has a 30 perimeter tells you nothing about the triangle's angles and very little about the lengths of its sides. The name, if it has any, is indeterminate.

What is the perimeter of triangle?

The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its three sides.

What is the triangle perimeter?

The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its 3 sides

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle with grid paper and no given sides?

count the grids

What is a perimeter triangle side?

The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its 3 sides

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