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8 + 8*(8-8) = 8 + 8*0 = 8 + 0 = 8

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Q: How do you get the sum of 8 using four 8s?
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How can you use eight 8 to equal 0?

-- Split the 8s up into two groups of four. -- Do any kind of arithmetic or algebra you want to with one group of four 8s. -- Do exactly the same thing with the other group of four 8s, and give it a negative sign. -- Add the two groups of 8s. The sum is zero.

How do you get 8 8s to get to 1000 only using plus?

888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000

How many 8s are there in 64?

64 = 8 x 8 !

Can you make 1000 using only eight 8s?


What is the sum of four plus four?

if your asking for the answer its 8

The sum of a number and four is -8?


What is the plural for 8?

eights, 8s

What is 8 plural?

8s or eights.

Solve the following equation for s 8s equals p?


What is 8s equals 72?

8s = 72 divide both sides by 8 s = 9

What is 8S on an O?

8 sides on an octagon

Write an algebraic equation for the following The sum of twice a and four times y is equal to thirteen?

Write the following as an algebraic expression using x as the variable: The sum of a number and -8

What is the sum of four times a number and eight?

4N + 8

What is 3 8s of 24?

people,please answer what is three eigths of twenty-four????? Since you said please the answer is nine.

What is the sum of four and one half and three and seven eighths?

8 and 3/8

What is the sum of the first four multiples of 8?

It is: 8+16+24+32 = 80

How many 8 ines are in 120?

Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.

8s on a ss?

8 Sides on a Stop Sign

How many 1 over 8s are there in 1?


What is the improper answer to 3 and 3 8s?

27 / 8

How many 8s are in 320?

320 / 8 = 40

How many 8s are in 893908309843873748908484093?

7 8's

How can you use 3 8s to equal 7?

8 - 8/8 = 8 - 1 = 7

Is the sum of four even numbers a multiple of four?

Not necessarily. 2 + 6 + 8 + 10 = 26

Solve for s 6s plus 2s equals 72?

6s+2s=72 combine like terms 6s+2s=8s set equal to 72 8s=72 divide both sides by 8 to solve for "s". 8s=72 8 8 your answer is s= 72/8 which is 9.

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