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Measure to the center of the Ell and decuct for the threads ..

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Q: How do you get the take off 90 degree elbow pipe?
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What is the take off formula off 45 degree elbow pipe?

The take off formula of a 45 degree elbow pipe, will depend on what the pipe is on. Sometimes a 45 degree pipe will need a 90 degree right angle turn to come off.

What is the take off of pipe fittings for 30 degree elbow?

A pipe wrench works best.

What is the take off measurement of 45 degree elbow 18 inches pipe?

11 1/4

Can you use 0.625 multipide by pipe size to calculate take off for 45 degree elbow?

this app help you: "Miter Flat Pattern Design" in

For pipefitters what is the take off on a 6 inch short radius 90 degree ell?

Short Radius 90 degree elbows are the same as pipe size.... Long Radius 90's are pipe size times 1.5.... so a 6" (SR) elbow is 6"... a 6" (LR) elbow would be 9"

What is the take off for a 26 inch 90 degree elbow?


What is the formula of takes off for 30 degree pipe elbow?

this app help you: "Miter Flat Pattern Design" in

What is the take off measurement for 6 Victaulic 22.5 degree elbow fitting?

1-13/16"= The tangent of half the degree X the radius of the elbow.

What is the take off of a 90 degree elbow with 1 inch diameter?

2 inches

What is the difference between long radius and short radius elbow?

In the area of industrial pipe fittings: Long radius 90 deg elbow has a take off dimension of one and one half times the nominal diameter of the pipe. Ex-4 inch pipe has an actual diameter of 4.5, for the elbow the take off dimension would be 4"*1.5=6". The short radius elbow take off dimension is the same as the nominal size, 4". To add to the point, a short radius elbow can be used typically where space is a constraint. Hence fluid flow is also restricted in this case unlike in case using of Long Elbow.

What is the take off for a half inch screwed 90 degree elbow?

1/2 inch

What is the take off measurements for 22.5 degree pipe fittings?

3 inch