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Be a good singer. Audition and then get lucky.

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Q: How do you get through x factor?
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How can you vote online for x factor?

The X Factor US allows you to vote through Twitter.

How did one direction get discovered?

Through the X-Factor

How did JLS rise to fame?

Through X Factor

How do you make it through the initial audition stages of X factor?

through the back

How many groups made it to this years x factor bootcamp?

There were 15 groups through to this years x factor boot camp.

Can you win X factor?

Anyone can win X-Factor if they make it through try outs and the weekly competitions. Whether or not someone will win X-Factor depends on others in the competition and how well they sing.

Did Devon Aylett make it through to The X Factor?

She made it through her first audition.

Did Jade Richards get through to the live shows in the x factor?

She did not :(

How do you get x factor final tickets?

You can apply through the official ticket website for shows such as The X Factor and many others. See the related link.

Which television show has had the most spin-offs?

From The X Factor has/had 22 spin offs 1.) The X Factor: Battle of the Stars 2.) The X Factor Australia 3.) The X Factor Belgium 4.) The X Factor Bulgaria 5.) The X Factor Denmark 6.) The X Factor Finland 7.) The X Factor France 8.) The X Factor Germany 9.) The X Factor Greece 10.) The X Factor Hungary 11.) The X Factor Iceland 12.) The X Factor Italy 13.) The X Factor Morocco, on 2M TV 14.) The X Factor Netherlands 15.) The X Factor Norway 16.) The X Factor Poland, Season 1 upcoming in 2010 17.) The X Factor Russia 18.) The X Factor Spain 19.) The X Factor U.S., Season 1 upcoming in 2011 20.) El Factor X, The Latin American version 21.) The X Factor Kazakhstan, The Kazakh version 22.) The X Factor, XSeer Al Najah, (The X Factor, The Essence of Success), the Pan-Arabian version

Did Sophie Simmons make it through the X Factor Auditions?


Did paije richardson get through to boot camp on x factor?


How did the one direction boys made frinds together?

Through the X Factor

Who got through on x factor?

Every one but caraline and jade Ellis

How long does x factor run for?

The X Factor usually runs for about 3 - 3 and a half months. September through to Decemeber. Bagshad :)

Did Misha B get through to the finals of the X Factor 2011?

We don't know yet because the finals hasn't been done so carry on watching X Factor.

How do you spell x factor?

X Factor.

You got your x factor audition letter through but lost it what do you do?

Contact the show who can help you.

Are john and Edward from X factor through to the live shows?

we will find out on tonights show

How far did jedward get in the x factor?

They made it through to week 7 of the live shows

Where is x factor?

the x factor is now in london

How do you factor x squared plus four x?

Take out the common factor, "x". If you divide each term by "x", you get the other factor.

What is factor theorem?

x-a is a factor of the polynomial p(x),if p(a)=0.also,if x-a is a factor of p(x), p(a)=0.

Do you have to be British to be on the x factor?

no and they have an American X Factor now.

Do you watch X factor?

I do not watch X factor but there are people who do.