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1 mile = 5280 feet, so divide by 5280.

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Q: How do you go from feet to miles?
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Related questions

How many feet go in 10 miles?

There are 5,280 feet in 1 mile, so there are 52,800 feet in ten miles.

How many feet can go in six miles?

31,680 feet.

How many feet go into 3 miles?

There are 5280 feet in one mile.

Do you divide or multiply to change miles to feet?

A mile is longer than a foot so you need to multiply to go from miles to feet.

How many miles and feet does does 8000 ft go into?

1 mile, 2720 feet.

How far in miles is 35 miles in feet?

: 35 miles = 184 800 feet : How to automatically get the answer, go to Google and simply type '35 miles to feet.' : Another way... A mile is 5280 feet long. Multiply 5280 by 35 to get the answer. ( which is, 184 800 feet again. ) : ( I hope I read your question correctly. )

How many feet go 5 miles?


If it takes 78 seconds to go 55 feet how many miles per hour are you going?

If it takes 78 seconds to go 55 feet you are traveling at 0.48 miles per hour.

A car went with out stopping 3 miles how much feet did the car go?

15840 feet

How many feet go into 0.5 miles?

A mile is 5280 feet, so half (0.5) a mile is 2640 feet.

What is the answer to 4 miles 560 feet - 2 miles 1200 feet?

Start by converting miles to feet (1 mile = 5680 feet): (4 miles +560 feet) - (2 miles +1200 feet)= (21120 feet + 560 feet) - (10560 feet +1200 feet)= (21680 feet) - (11760 feet)= 9920 feet = 1.74647887 miles

How many feet would you go in 1.08 seconds at 63.3 miles per hour?

95.63 feet

If you were going 87 miles per hour how many feet would you go?

At 87 miles per hour you would be traveling 459,360 feet per hour OR 127.6 feet per second.

How fast can you go 300 feet at 123 mph?

It would take 1.66 seconds to go 300 feet at 123 miles per hour.

How do you change feet into miles?

First of all, you need to realize that 1 mile = 5280 feet. Once this handy little piece of information is in your grasp, you can realize that to go from feet to miles (or miles to feet) is relatively easy. EXAMPLE 7000 ft = x miles => 7000 ft = (7000 ft)/(5280 ft) => 7000 ft = 1.32 milesOne mile = 5,280 feet.Therefore, multiply the number of miles by 5,280, and you will have the number of feet.

What is 6 miles 838 feet plus 2 miles 986 feet equals?

(6 miles 838 feet) + (2 miles 986 feet) = 8.345 miles.

How do you go from miles per hour to feet per second?


How many feet are in 3 miles?

Three miles is 15,840 feet. (5,280 feet per mile)

How many feet are in 2 miles and 320 feet?

2 miles 320 feet or 2.06061 miles = 10,880 feet

What does 0125 in thousands of a inch?

The answer will depend on 0125 WHAT! Inches, feet, miles, micrometres?The answer will depend on 0125 WHAT! Inches, feet, miles, micrometres?The answer will depend on 0125 WHAT! Inches, feet, miles, micrometres?The answer will depend on 0125 WHAT! Inches, feet, miles, micrometres?

What is 0.497 miles in feet?

There are 2571.36 feet in 0.497 miles. 0.497 miles x 5280 feet/1 mile = 2571.36 feet 1 miles = 5280 feet

What is 50239 feet miles feet?

50,239 feet is 9.51 miles.

How many feet is 12416 miles?

12,416 miles is 65,556,480 feet. (miles x 5,280 = feet)

How many feet is in 11.5 miles?

There are 60,720 feet in 11.5 miles. (miles x 5,280 = feet)

How many times can 40 feet go into 200 miles?

it can go in about 8000 times....or sumthin like that