How do you graph -3 5 on a number line?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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The origin, O is the point where the value on the number line is zero. Locate the a point 3 units to the left of the Origin, O and another point that is 5 units to the right of the origin. Join the two points with a straight line.

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Q: How do you graph -3 5 on a number line?
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How do you graph 3 5th on the number line?

3/5 = 6/10, 1/10 larger than 1/2

Graph -5 on the number line?

Go what equals 5 units to the left

How do you draw a number line and graph x equals 5?

0 5 /--------------/-----•------/

How do you graph x equals a number?

If x equals a constant number, the graph will be a vertical line. For example, the graph of x = 5 would be a vertical line that goes through the point (5,0). x equals 5 on every point along this lines.

What is y3x 5 on a graph?

If you mean: y = 3x+5 then it is a straight line equation that can be plotted on a graph whereas 3 is the slope and 5 is the y intercept

Does the graph of this line have a NEGATIVE or POSITIVE slopey = -3x - 5?


How do you graph x -5 on a number line?

If you know the value of x then the answer is the point 5 units to the left of that value. If you do not know the value of x then the answer is the whole of the number line.

How do you graph y plus 2 equals 7?

The equation you have given, y + 2 = 7, does not describe a line, it describes the number 5. You would not graph a single number, there is nothing to graph.

What are the steps in plotting a line graph?

There are seven steps which are: 1. Identify the variables 2. Determine the variable range 3. Determine the scale of the graph 4. Number and label each axis 5. Plot the data points 6. Draw the graph 7. Title the graph

what is 3/5 on a number line?

3/5 on a number line = 0.6

How do you put the problem -5 plus 3 on a number line?

Start at the number -5. Adding a positive number implies moving to the right on a number line, so move 3 spaces to the right on the number line. This gives -5 + 3 = -2.

What are the 5 components of a good graph?

The 5 components of a good graph are... 1. Independent variable 2. Dependent variable 3. Trend line 4. Graph title 5.To have equal intervals or spaces in-between numbers on a grid