How do you graph y equals 4x - 2?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: How do you graph y equals 4x - 2?
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How do you graph y equals x squared -4x plus 2?


State the y-intercept for the graph y equals -4x?

y = -4x The y-intercept is zero. That is, the graph passes through the origin.

What is the y intercept of 4x plus 8y equals 16?

Solve for Y algebraically. 4X + 8Y = 16 8Y = - 4X + 16 Y = - 1/2X + 2 graph and see that the Y intercept = 2

What is the y-intercept of the graph of 4x plus 2y equals 12?

4x+2y = 12 2y = -4x+12 y = -2x+6 So the y intercept is 6 and the slope is -2

What is the slope of a perpendicular line 4x plus y equals 2?

-- The slope of the graph of [ 4x + y = 2 ] is -4.-- The slopes of perpendicular lines are negative reciprocals.-- The slope of any line perpendicular to [ 4x + y = 2 ] is 1/4 .

Which is easier to graph 3x plus 4y equals 8 or y equals -0.75x plus 2?

Here they are in there slope intercept forms. y = -3/4x + 2 [3x+4y=8] y = -3/4x + 2 [y=-0.75x+2] Well look at that they are the same. How do you like that. So they much be equal easy to graph.

-y equals 4x plus 1 4x plus y equals 2?


How do you graph 2y equals 4x - 2?

2y = 4x - 2 Divide each side by 2: y = 2x - 1 In this form, you can see that the line has a slope of 2 and a y-intercept of -1 .

Is the graph of y equals 4x2-2x plus 5 a straight ine?

The equation y = 4x^2 + 5 is a parabola

How many times does the graph of y equals x2-4x plus 4 intersect the x-axis?

y=x2-4x+4 y = (x-2)(x-2) x=2 the graph only crosses the x-axis at positive 2. this is the minimum of the graph and the only point that is crosses the x-axis.

How do you plot y equals -4x plus 2 on a graph?

Draw a straight line through the point on the y-axis where y=2, and give it a slope of -4.

Find the slope of a parellel to the graph of y equals 4x plus 2?

The graph of [ y = 4x + 2 ] is a straight line with a slope of 4.Any line with a slope of 4 is parallel to that one, and any line parallel to that one has a slope of 4.