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You hit the data restore log by pushing a combination of keys on your computers keyboard. This will bring up the data restore log and allow you to restore any files you may have accidently deleted.

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Q: How do you hit the data restore log?
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What is a science data log?

A science data log is something with information about an experiment or an observation.

How do you log out on Yahoo?

Hit "Log Out"

When is a data restore performed?

When the computer crashes and you lose your data.

Accidentally pressed restore default settings on PS3 what do you do?

You can log back into your PSN and redownload your games, but any photos, videos, saved data is irretrievably lost, sorry.

Can getting hit on the head restore sight?

if you are blind can getting hit on the head restore your sight

How Do you Log out of MY Apple ID?

Hit 'log out'

How do you restore backed up data on kies to Samsung galaxy s2 Cyanogen-mod.... I backed up my contacts Memo Messages but when I put Cyanogen I couldn't restore backed data on Kies?

To restore your backed up on data on Kies simply go the app and choose the restore option.

How do you make a new file on mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

first you go to the main menu then hit the button that says either adventure log or data or rename team then hit delete data and you can make a new file

What is the best data restore software?

Staples sells a very reputable software package for data restoring. Norton antivirus also has a very good software download to restore your computer's data.

What type of data does system restore leave unaffected?

documents, pictures, personal data

What types of data does system restore leave unaffected?

documents, pictures, personal data

What does LOG stand for?

it refers to Logistic data !

Can you restore previous to previous data of your pendrive?

no, because attempting to 'restore previous to previous data' would cause the universe to divide by zero and reality to collapse.

Is it necessary to date each entry in a data log?

It definitely is necessary to date each entry in a data log. That way, you can track progress.

What is the difference between archive log mode and no-archive log mode in oracle?

When the data is written in the archive log file

How can you delete all restore points and clean up the restore points data storage area?

Turn off System Restore and reboot the system.

How can you delete all restore points and clean up the restore points' data storage area?

Turn off System Restore, reboot the computer, turn System Restore back on.

Are there companies that will restore the data from my tape drive for me?

There are literally dozens of companies that specialize in data recovery.

Can you restore your data on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

You can't

How get your lost data in xp?

Try doing a system restore.

Can you restore a data once you delete it from recycle bin?

Yes, you can but you have restarted your PC at least once you have a huge chance do restore your data at all. You might still try but software which you might need to restore usually shareware and you have to pay for that.

Why is it to back up data regularly?

It can be used to restore data to the system in the event the data in the system are accidently lost or destroyed

How do you make a homemade log splitter?

Pick up an ax and hit a log.

What are five functions of data communication protocol?

data security, error control, log information, data formatting,data sequencing.

Can you restore lost data after resetting your phone?

No - if you re-set your phone - all personal data is erased.