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An "opposite" is not a well defined term since there are additive opposites and multiplicative opposites and you have not specified which one.

The absolute value of a rational number is the value of the number with a positive sign.

Thus (abs(5/7) = 5/7

and abs(-5/7) = 5/7

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Q: How do you identify the opposite and the absolute values of a rational numbers?
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What is a rational number whose opposite and absolute value are the same?

They are all non-positive rational numbers.

How do you identify absolute value of rational numbers?

The absolute value of a number may be thought of as its distance from zero. In mathematics, the absolute value of a real number x is the non-negative value of x without regard to its sign.

Are all rational numbers irrational?

Hardly. Since rational numbers are the exact opposite of irrational numbers, no number can be both.

What is the opposite of a rational number?

Within the set of rational numbers, positives and negatives are considered opposite.

What is the opposite of the absolute value of 8?

The additive opposite is negative 8 (-8). Absolute values are always positive numbers.

When are th absolute value and the opposites of a rational number equal?

When the numbers are negative

Can two different rational numbers can have three same absolute value?

No, they cannot.

Can't two different rational numbers have the same absolute value?

Yes, they can. If x is a non-zero rational number then x and -x will have the same absolute value.

Does the set of rational numbers have an additives identify?

Yes. The additive identity is 0.

What is the relationship between opposite rational numbers?

The answer depends on whether you mean additive opposite or multiplicative opposite. Assuming the former, the sum of the two numbers is zero.

What is the sum of the different numbers that have the same absolute value?

If 2 numbers are different, but have the same absolute value, then one is the opposite of the other. Any number plus its opposite equals zero.

Are all natrual numbers irrational?

Quite the opposite. All natural numbers are rational. None of them are irrational.

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