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Well its complicated to explain.

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Q: How do you know double digit by double digit just like that?
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How can you tell before you divide if the quotient will have two or three digits?

Mental math like if 12 into 72 it will not be a double digit if you divide 100 by 10 it will be double digits. Most times if you have a tripple digit number and divide it by double digit the answer will be a double digit.

How do you multipy 4 digit number by a 4 digit number?

Just solve it like a normal multiplication problem!

Is a 4 digit number less than a 5 digit number?

Yes A 4 digit is like 1111 A 5 digit is like 11111

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How is finding the sum of 4-Digit numbers like finding the sum of 3-digit numbers?


How do you multiply 3 digit numbers with 3 digit numbers?

You multiply the one digit number on the bottom to every number on the top starting at the right and so on with every other number on the bottom.

What does ten thousands look like as a digit?

It does not, since it is not a digit. As 5 digits, it looks like 10000.

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What is a single digit divisor?

a single digit divisor is as single digit number ( 1 - 9) that can be evenly divided into a number. like the single digit numbers for 5670 is 1,2,3,5,6,7,9 . you know this cause all of though numbers can be divided evenly into 5670.. don't believe me ... ask your calculator? ps: i <3 jb

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