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Q: How do you know if graph is wider or narrow?
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What is the opposite of narrow?

The opposed of narrow is wide.

What is the difference between a wide blade and a narrow blade hoof knife?

I dont know the answer to this question so go and read books and get smart. i think the wider blade is wider and the narrow blade is narrower.

What part of the equation makes the graph narrow or wide?

its not the equation that matters it is how you map it out on the graph, the vertical and horizontal axis are interchangeable. For example if x is the vertical axis and y is the horizontal axis the graph would look different than if y was the vertical axis and x was the horizontal axis. The narrow and wide of a graph depend on the horizontal axis ( how quickly the numbers increase and or how far apart the markers are spaced) ...If the intervals are counted by 5 the graph would be wider than if the intervals were counted by 500.

What is a narrow inlet or narrow passage of water usually wider than a strait?

a sound

Do oceans become wider or more narrow as you go from the equator to the northern hemisphere?

More narrow.

Why are wider tires better than narrow tires?

They have more traction.

What does changing the a variable do to the graph of a quadratic?

I assume this question refers to the coefficient of the squared term in a quadratic and not a variable (as stated in the question). That is, it refers to the a in ax2 + bx + c where x is the variable.When a is a very large positive number, the graph is a very narrow or steep-sided cup shape. As a become smaller, the graph gets wider until, when a equals zero (and the equation is no longer a quadratic) the graph is a horizontal line. Then as a becomes negative, the graph becomes cap shaped. As the magnitude of a increases, the sides of the graph become steeper.

What is a narrow passage of water usually wider than a strait is called a?

a channel

Does the conical angle of a shock wave open wider narrow down or remain constant as a supersonic aircraft increases its speed?


What is the difference between a firth and a bay?

The difference is a bay is rounder and not so narrow. a firth is long and narrow and a bay is round and wider.

Are wider tires better than narrow ones and why?

Wider tires generally add to a more comfortable ride and better road holding.

How do outliers influence the shape and spread of the data?

Outliers will make give the graph a long tail (or tails). Overall, the graph will be flatter and wider.