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It has 4 equal sides

It has opposite parallel sides

It has 2 opposite equal acute angles

It has 2 opposite equal obtuse angle

It has 2 diagonals that intersect each other at right angles

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Q: How do you know when a shape is a rhombus?
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How is a rhombus and kites the same and different?

Because a rhombus is a shape and a kite is a object that is the shape of a rhombus. (only sometimes they are not a rhombus)

What is a rhombus shape?

A Rhombus is a square tilted to form a diamond shape

Can you give me a sentence for rhombus?

A rhombus is a quadrilateral shape and is similar to the shape of a square.

How many sides does a rhombus has?

A rhombus is a bipyramidal shape. A rhombus is more commonly known as a diamond shape. A rhombus has four sides that are equal in length.

Which shape have four lines of symmetry?

rhombus rhombus

What is the shape of the base of a rhombus?

A rhombus has no base. It is flat.

What shape has 4 congruent sides with no right angle?

Rhombus. Because a rhombus has congruent (egual in shape and size) sides, but has no right angles.

Is rhombus a 3d shape?

No it is a 2d shape

What is the shape of rajasthan?

rhombus is the shape of Rajasthan.

What is shape that has 4 sides and 2 of its sides are at an angle What shape is that?

A trapezium. a rhombus, a parallelogram.A trapezium. a rhombus, a parallelogram.A trapezium. a rhombus, a parallelogram.A trapezium. a rhombus, a parallelogram.

Is a rhombus a 3D shape?

No, a rhombus is a 2D shape. It is a parallelogram in which all sides are of equal length.

Is a rhombus an equil shape?

All sides of a rhombus are equal.

What is a rhombus in math?

rhombus is a quadrilatrual - 4 sided shape.

How do you spell rhombus?

If you are talking about the shape, you spell it like this, Rhombus

Is a chevron shape a rhombus?


What shape is a kite?

a rhombus

What shape is a Pringles can?


How do you find out if a shape is a square or a rhombus algebraically?

A square is a rhombus with right angles so you would need to know one of the angles or an exterior angle or another angle that shares a vertex with the shape.

Is a rhombus a regular shape?

yes No it is not. All the angles of a regular shape must be the same and that is not the case with a rhombus.

Is a parallelogram a square and a rhombus a convex shape?

A parallelogram need not be a square, it need not be a rhombus but it is a convex shape.

Is a rumbus a 2D shape?

A rhombus is a 2D shape.

Is a rhombus a two-dimensional shape?

Yes, a rhombus has two dimensions.

Is a sqare always a rhombus?

yes a rhombus is a shape with 4 sides

Does a rhombus always have equal angles?

No, not really. Take a kit for example. The shape is the shape of a rhombus, but the angles are not equal.

What does a RHOMBUS shape look like?

A rhombus is just another name for a diamond. So therefore, a diamond shape.