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An even number can be divided by 2 evenly. An odd number will have a remainder of 1 when divided by 2.

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Q: How do you know when several numbers are even or odd?
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Can you tell if sum of several numbers will be even or odd?

Yes, all you have to do is to count the number of ODD numbers in the list. If it is odd, then the sum will be odd; if even, so will the sum. Knowing this can help you run a quick validity check when you sum up a list of numbers. (The method works because: a) the sum of two even numbers is even, and b) the sum pf two odd numbers is even, but c) the sum of an even number and an odd number is odd. Hence, if you only determine whether there are any unpaired odd numbers, you know the answer.)

What is the result of product of even numbers and odd numbers?

If you multiply one even number by one odd number, the result is always even. In general, if you multiply several numbers, and at least one of the numbers is even, the product is always even. This is because "even" means "multiple of 2", and if one of the factors contains a 2 as a factor, so will the product.

What the pattern called even odd numbers?

There is no such pattern because there are no even odd numbers. Odd numbers, by definition, are odd and therefore, not even.

Can 5 odd numbers that if you add them make 32?


Is 106 even or odd?

Even How could you even ask this question? How stupid are you (no offense) that you dont even know if numbers are even or odd...

What will you get if you add numbers and a even numbers?

The answer depends on how many odd numbers are being added together: even numbers make no difference.If the count of odd numbers is odd then the total is odd, andff the count of odd numbers is even then the total is even.

How can you determine wether a sum of several numbers such as 13 45 24 17 is even or odd?

Go through each of the numbers, and count how many of them are odd. If you count an odd number of them, then their sum is odd. If you count an even number of them, then their sum is even.

What happens when you add two even numbers Will you get an even number?

Always. even + even = even odd + odd = even even + odd = odd odd + even = odd To summarise, if you add like numbers you get even, otherwise you get odd.

What combination of numbers always results in an odd number?

Multiply two odd numbers Add an even and an odd Subtract an odd and an even

Is sum of odd numbers always even?

The sum of two odd numbers is always even; the sum of three odd numbers is always odd; the sum of four odd numbers is always even; the sum of five odd numbers is always odd; etc

What is the sum of two odd and even numbers?

The sum of two odd numbers or two even numbers is an even number. The sum of an odd number and an even number is an odd number.

What is odd numbers and even numbers?

The number divisible by 2 is even & which is not is odd

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