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You will need to use your brain to figure that out. Different word problems need different equations.

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Q: How do you know which equation to use in a word problem?
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Which equation would you use to solve the following word problem?

There was no word problem, so it would be a null equation.

How do you know when to use multiplication to solve a word problem?

usually in the problem it will say of

How do you solve speed word problems?

Use the equation, speed = distance / time, substitute in the given information from the problem and solve it.

When solving a problem listing every equation you know is usually the best way to find the correct one to use?


How do you write equation in a sentence?

When I couldn't solve the final equation on the math test, I had to leave it blank.

How do you use the word equation in a sentence with an adverb?

He did that equation very quickly.

What word do you use for equals in an equation?

I use "equals" or "is".

How do I know which inequality sign is used if a word problem asked me to set up an equation with the said sign without saying key words like at most?

You cannot, unless there is some logical reason which implies which sign to use.

How do you find the value of x in a fraction equation?

you have to use it in a problem.

What do you do when using the distributive property in a math problem?

Its quiet simple. All you have to know is that when you use the distributive property in math, it's most likely and equation. So you basically remove the parentheses. AKA(expanding the equation)

How do you solve the math problem What is my number?

use one step equation.

Does everyone use algebra?

YES!! You use algebra in your everyday lives. Adding is considered an equation. An equation is a problem with an equal sign. An expression has no answer (an equal sign).