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Study, that's the only way.

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How can you say words really fast?

You just talk really fast my friend Breanna talks really fast so if you want to talk to her then you have to learn to talk really, really fast. It's really easy to learn.

What do Kenyan people learn in school?

they learn how to run really really fast

How can you kill Sonic?

u cant he is to fast and storng learn the math buddy

How do you do math problems easer?

There are lots of simplifications. It really depends on the type of problem, though. Learn about math, and you will learn those simplifications gradually.

How do you learn math fast on line?

By asking the right questions in a simple way that is easy to understand.

How do you learn Japanese really fast?

You habe to sudy hard

How do you get lots of points on world maths day?

You have to be really fast and good at math.

Do taller people learn faster?

This really has nothing to do with height. Tall people don't really learn faster- though every person does learn different things quite fast. This doesn't mean short people can't learn fast, okay?

How do you learn Chinese maths?

your learn Chinese math when you learn to spell Chinese math

How fast can you learn a foreign language if you go to the country where it's spoken?

It really depends on you, or how fast you can learn things. Some people learn the language within a year, and others take longer.

Jobs that don't use math?

Really low paid job is math free. even prostitution requires math. man up and learn it or you will be screwed in life.

How fast can a 16 year old learn a new language?

you can learn really fast as long as you practice and study your words . The younger the better - start at 8 years if you can!

How do you get good at math fast?

The only way to get good at math fast is to practice.

What is a math book?

a math book is were u learn math

What can you do to help your employee learn his job really fast?

Cheat sheet are wonderful to help someone learn a new job

How did he learn about math?

People learn about math from many different sources. The majority learn it from their parents or from their educational instructors.

What is the deal with math?

It is to help you learn math!

What is math books used for?

For you to learn math.

To be a make up artist do you need grade 12 math?

no, not really but it might be helpful in the future if you learn grade 12 math. I strongly advise you take it.

Are parrots really fast learners?

Yes. They learn alot faster than humans.

Why you should learn math?

those student want to become engineeer. they should learn math.

What do kids learn from math?

really nothing. thats why the schools put children through 10-12 years of it.

Which fast food restaurant is healthier?

I would say Subway's is the best, but if you really want to learn how unhealthy fast food restaurants are read Fast Food Nation.

What are part icles called that move really fast?

Certainly not the neurons in your brain...learn English.

Why in math do you learn with numbers?

We learn math using numbers because that is math. Also when you get to a higher level in math it is easier to use numbers to write 4,137,985,034.152 than splleing it out.