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Start with a 2x2 square (that uses 8 toothpicks) Use the other two to make a 1x1 square in one of the corners of the big one..

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Q: How do you make 2 squares using 10 toothpicks?
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How do you make 8 squares with 12 toothpicks?

[The answer will depend on how exactly you count your squares (for instance, there are arguably 10 squares in the solution below, not 8) and whether there are any rules about how to lay the toothpicks down.] A possibility is just to make two big squares using four toothpicks each, and to divide each into four smaller squares using the four remaining toothpicks.

Can 10 toothpicks be used to form 3 congruent squares?


How do you make 10 toothpicks out 9 toothpicks without breaking them?

To solve this, you simply have to put the toothpicks in the shape of a 1 and a 0 to make "10"

How can you make 10 out of 9 toothpicks without breaking any of them?

You make the number "10" with the 9 toothpicks or spell out "ten" with the 9 toothpicks.

How do you use 10 toothpicks to form 3 congruent squares?

Use the image contained below for a reference.

Make 5 triangles with 10 toothpicks?

arrange them like the Chrysler logo

How do you make 10 triangles with 5 toothpicks?

form triangles side by side

How do you use 10 toothpicks to make 3 congruent squares?

Since every square has 4 sides and you only have 10 toothpicks, obviously you can't have the squares be separate. You will need exactly 2 toothpicks to overlap. Once you realize that, there are two shapes that are possible and can be rotated to make a total of 6 different solutions. A straight line (vertical or horizontal): = = = | | | | = = = Or an L-shape (forwards, backwards, and upside-down forwards and backwards): = | | = = | | | = = Sorry that these don't look quite right, the formatting is getting screwed up.

How who you make a 10 unit perimeter using 4 squares?

Check out the link. Any of those shapes, except the square, works.

If i have 12 matches how do i move them to make 3 equal squares?

A sort of triangle of squares. Lay out 3 squares side by side using 10 matches. Take the middle match from the bottom row and use it and the other two to make a square based on the middle match of the top row.

How many rectangles could you make with 10 squares?

You could make 5 rectangles with 10 squares

How do you make an egg slam projesct only using drinking straws toothpicks masking tape and glue and it has to be less than 20inches by 20inches from a 10 ft drop?

this is just an opinion but you could loosely wrap the egg in tape to provide a soft outer shell, then make a cube out of many, many toothpicks and glue. next place the tape covered egg in the box and add a lining of straw between the egg and the toothpick box. then close the box and use a little tape around the toothpicks to add more of a stable protective cube. on impact, the cube should break open absorbing allot of the fall. the egg will hopefully bounce around a little. (without the bounce, the egg doesn't move at all] the pressure inside the egg will break it...) i hope this helped... idk, just a dumb idea Okay, good idea, but the we are talking about straws, not straw. The straws, along with the toothpicks and glue could make a substantial tinker toy type protective box. Built into a box consisting of two inch squares, a 20" box would have 10 layers of shock absorption Or, build a round ball with the straws and toothpicks to build a Mar's rover type balloon cushion. Of, course with the egg wrapped and suspended inside with the tape.

How many grams does a toothpick weigh?

Toothpicks as we all know are relatively light, so I would guess maybe 5-10 grams? maybe?

How many different squares are there in a 10 by 10 grid?

10 x 10 = 100 different squares

How much yarn to crochet a gueens size blanket in granny square patteren?

First you have to determine what weight yarn you will be using and which hook. Then you need to determine how many squares you need. Here is a suggested number of squares from my own website Crochet Cabana, based on size of squares.Queen: 60" x 80"Using 6" squares: 10 x 13 (good- 60" x 78" plus edging) [130 squares], 10 x 14 (best, 60" x 84" plus edging) [140 squares]Using 9" squares: 7 x 9 (best, 63" x 81" plus edging) [63 squares]Using 12" squares: 5 x 7 (60" x 84" plus edging) [35 squares]Now that doesn't answer your question. You want to know how much yarn you need, so what you might do is make ONE square with a similar weight yarn and see how much yarn that takes. Make the square then rip it out and measure yardage. Then multiply that amount by the number of squares you need. That will tell you approximately how much yarn to get.If you are making an afghan with squares of different colors or with each square having multiple colors you will have to account for that in your planning.If you want to make an afghan in just one big granny square, the swatch should give you a pretty good idea if you are using one color for your afghan.

What is two tenths on a grid?

If the grid is 10 by 10 or 100 squares, then 2/10 would be 20 squares.

How many 10 by 10 squares do you need to make a queen size comforter?

Depends on the units used for 10 by 10: centimetres or inches or some other unit.

What whole numbers have squares between 10 and 65?

There are an infinite amount of numbers that that have squares between 10 and 65

How many squares are there from 1 to 100?

there are 10 squares if you count 100

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How many angles does 10 squares have?

A square has 4 angles, so ten squares have 10*4 = 40 angles.

How many graham crackers to make 1 cup crumbs?

Approximately 10 squares = 1 cup of crumbs

What polygon can you make with 2 squares?

Polygons with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 sides.