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5 wholes is 15 thirds so your improper fraction is 17/3

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Q: How do you make 5 wholes and 2 thirds an improper fraction?
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If you have 5 thirds how many wholes can you make?


How do you make 2 and one third into an improper fraction?

If each whole has three parts to it, then with 2 holes you will have 6 thirds. You then add the extra third to the other 6 and get the improper fraction of 7/3.

What is three and two thirds equal to?

Three and two thirds are equal precisely to three and two thirds. Nothing more, nothing less. Or if you want to make it a improper fraction it will be 11/3 or eleven thirds

How do you multiply fraction two thirds of 3000?

You make 3000 in to the improper fraction 3000/1 and then you multiply across. So you get 3000*2/1*3

What is 6 an two thirds as a decimal?

first you make the fraction into an improper fraction. so that would be 20 over 3. then divide 20 into 3 Answer: 6.66 repeating or 6.67

How do you make 4 an improper fraction?

4 as an improper fraction = 4/1

How do you make a mixed number into a improper fraction?

all you have to do is like for example if there is 2 and 17 thirds all u would do is add 2+17 and then times it by three and you would get 57 thirds

What is equal to the fraction 2 wholes?

2 wholes make an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 2/1 which cannot be simplified.

How do you make 2.8 into a fraction?

Firstly, you need to recognize that 0.8 is the same as 8/10. Changing that will give you a simplified form of 2 8/10. If you want to turn that into an improper fraction, you have to take the 2 wholes and multiply by ten. That will give you 20. Then you add that number to the numerator, giving you an improper fraction form of 28/10.

What is the smallest improper fraction you can make?

The smallest improper fraction I could make would be called one plus one over infinity. Technically, the smallest improper fraction is indistinguishable from an integer.

Is a proper fraction bigger than an improper fraction?

No, it is smaller. The numerator represents parts of a whole. The denominator represents the whole, or how many parts you need to make a whole. So if you have 2/7, that means only 2 parts out of seven wholes are filled. if you have 12/4, that means the denominator was filled 3 times, and you have 3 wholes.

What is the improper fraction for 3 45?

There isn't one. You can only make an improper fraction from a mixed fraction, which a whole number with a fraction on its side